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Shootout At the Camelot Corral

The Bill Wood/Brockbrader debacle continues...

Nexus 2nd Interview with Don Shipley - Ex Navy Seal - Responce to William Brockbrader
Don Shipley now well known to members of Nexus and other sites for his efforts in debunking individuals claiming to be SEALS is interviewed again here by Scott and Charles on the latest developments with the Bill woods/Brockbrader fraud. For those who don't know Don, he retired after 24-years as a SEAL Senior Chief in 2003. As a SEAL, he preferred the challenge of Mountain and Arctic Warfare but began his career in the equally hostile desert environment, spending much of his time in the...
by: Scott, at: 02/07/2012 - 15:14pm

While Don Shipley is a very credible and honorable (true) SEAL, and his debunking of Project Camelot's star witness of the hour, Bill Wood a/k/a convicted sex offender William Brockbrader is valuable service, the focus on Wood deflects the real source of the problems: Kerry Cassidy. Or, shall we say, the collective behind Project Camelot

After milking the Wood "disclosures" for all they were worth in a whirlwind of rapid-fire media assaults, Cassidy glumly began shoving Wood under the bus, all the while maintainging her plausible deniability by decrying his own lack of familiarity with the Project Camelot ethos:

Unfortunately some of what was initially promised by Bill prior to the Livestream event was not delivered. If nothing else, what becomes evident is that what one person considers to be earth shattering or mind blowing can easily be seen as run of the mill to someone else. It all has to do with your frame of reference. In addition to that, as the interview progressed, what appeared to happen is that Bill Brockbrader had stretched his security oath as far as it would go. From that point on, it is evident that he is primarily talking from a personal/philosophical point of view.

It also became obvious, at least to me, that there was a lack of familiarity with what Project Camelot is all about. And therefore Bill and Eva are not able to assess accurately what is new and what is well known to the Camelot audience and so both he and Eva Moore, although well meaning, ended up discussing concepts and experiences that are already out in the public domain and therefore not at all novel or new. You be the judge.  (attribution, as REQUESTED, Kerry: Kerry Cassidy/ Project Camelot Productions)

Errr...excuse me...but here's a thought: Kerry, why do you not vet your sources in advance of them becoming the flavor of the week at PC? And really...we asked this before: WHY was David Wilcock brought into the second video interview (we get why Bill Ryan was there: there has to be some pretense to a team at PC)? Aside from plugging his book, and interjecting his plagarized opinions, Wilcock was there to "manage" a shaky Wood's disclosures and "mold them" to the current oeuvre. Think of it as sort of new age hamburger helper... suspects that Cassidy could make great hoopla over a cage match between Wood and Shipley...she is now hosting the exchanges between the Whistleblower-Who-Couldn't and Stolen Valor on her blog.

Wood, it seems is still clueless to the level of manipulation he has received by way of Project Camelot at this point. His throw down showdown dare to Shipley went like this: 

On Feb 7, 2012, at 3:04 PM, Bill Wood wrote:

One - you accept my challenge and risk that I am who I say I am. You know that if I accomplish drownproofing and you give me your trident that it is the way that every SEAL becomes a SEAL. A SEAL only becomes a SEAL when another SEAL makes him a SEAL. So after that matter what anyone says...I will be a SEAL because you, another SEAL, made me one by giving me his trident. (attribution, as REQUESTED, Kerry: Kerry Cassidy/ Project Camelot Productions)

To wit Don Shipley replies:

Dear Mr. Brockbrader, 

I will admit that the thought of drowning you has crossed my mind and it is appealing, but I have already proven you were NOT a Navy SEAL and passing a silly drownproofing test hardly qualifies someone as being a SEAL. 

Your statement that, “A SEAL only becomes a SEAL when another SEAL makes him a SEAL,” is inaccurate. A Man only becomes a SEAL when he satisfactorily passes the Navy “Standards, Conditions and Requirements” to become one. And as far as giving you “My Trident” goes, I’d rather eat a bowl of boogers… 
The threat to blast me on “every blog and SEAL forum” should I fail to accept your challenge is troublesome and I’d appreciate you attaching a link to the YouTube video I did about you when you do blast me.​watch?v=CgtXjRwtfyE Thanks, Bro… 

Your message about “honor, courage, commitment” mean little coming from a scab like you. You’re no Messiah, Bill. Just a confused little man who has made some big mistakes and attempts to blame and discredit others (the Navy) for those mistakes. 
Don’t try and bullshit me about saving the world; short on money and unable to gain employment from that dishonorable discharge and pesky sex offender registry, you must seek “self-employment” for income. Attempting that on the backs of Navy SEALs hasn’t worked out very well and I’d suggest some other “Fairy Tale Story” take its place. I don’t recommend Marine Recon or Army Rangers either… 

I envy one thing about you, Bill, you have a “Life’s Mission” and I don’t really think I do, not one that comes to mind anyhow. 

You keep flappin that ‘Suck’ of yours about SEAL Team and I’ll make you my “Life’s Mission.” 

How about them apples??? 

Don Shipley…

So , Bill Wood, not knowing HE was already under the bus...then throws Kerry under the bus (but WHO is driving ze bus?). And now the whole beautiful scenario spins mercilessly down the porcelain facility in a tirade of "he said/she said" (you just KNEW this was going to go bad):

 February 10, 2012


It is amazing to me that putting our lives on the line for our whistleblowers to get the truth out to the people sometimes ends up with them turning on us and telling lies.  The dynamic of what went on with Bill Brockbrader/Wood is a case in point.  He is not the first one... yes Pete Peterson did as well.

While I am happy to hear he has found another outlet for his ideas... the following information must be clearly made public.  

1.  I did not call David Wilcock in distress over someone unearthing his "channeling"... this is not only not surprising to me but as a matter of fact it is my observation that almost without exception our witnesses; researchers and whistleblowers all end up "channeling" some more than others.  I have stated this publicly in my Sedona Presentation a year or two ago and others.

2.  Pete Peterson has held a grudge and has been working hard to turn a certain person against us for a while now.  What actually happened... and I have a witness, both Bill Ryan and I were involved in that interview process. We waited a month for his PENTAGON SOURCES to VET THE INTERVIEW... Finally he gave us the ok on the phone.  We posted it to youtube and then several hours later he called and wanted it taken down and changed.  At that point it was too late.  People had already seen it and downloaded it.  Anything taken out at that point would simply make it go even more viral.  Be aware:  He doth protest too as he did then.. I didn't hold a gun to his head and I didn't give him drugs, torture or mind control.. something he knows a LOT ABOUT.  And yes I could get killed, as he said several times for saying so... 

What he and BILL BROCKBRADER and anyone else out there needs to know is WE ARE FREE as interviewers to ask whatever questions we choose.  Just as the whistleblower is FREE to take the 5th and not answer.   He's a big strong man... I don't think he was afraid of me but then again you never know.  There was nothing to take out there because he never admitted anything.  He simply got a lot of flak from his PENTAGON HANDLERS (along with some possible rewiring) and this made him uncomfortable... 

3.  Regarding Bill Brockbrader -- the only thing I asked after consulting a lawyer... because originally he had said he was going to release NAMES and EVIDENCE that would as he said "shut the SEALS up"...etc.  I simply said we don't want to get caught up in useless lawsuits for slander etc so please ONLY USE first and last initials or ROLES... FOR EXAMPLE I said.. if it's a Police Chief say that.. do not use names... and then put the evidence which presumably would have the names on a site we can link to. ... Why he would choose to lie about this now is something only his handler can say for sure...

4. Regarding spiritual matters... If you pay attention, on my first interview and on the second Livestream with David Wilcock and Bill Ryan .. we delved into Looking Glass, the timeline convergence and so on.  He had plenty of time to speak about this and answer questions and he did so...  I am a HIGHLY SPIRITUAL PERSON... that is why I do what I do... And why I don't lie about anything.  Unlike some people.  

What I don't care to do is give a whistleblower a platform to repeat himself over and over again or spout rhetoric and philosophy for hours on end.  The 3rd Livestream was hugely problematic... And it is public record.  Judge for yourself.  (attribution, as REQUESTED, Kerry: Kerry Cassidy/ Project Camelot Productions) (Emphasis added)

Ummm...if I recall, Kerry, it was YOU, with banner ads and great gust, who continued the Bill Wood debacle long after "Elvis left the building"...midway through the video with Wood, Ryan, and (gulp!) Woodcock (gotta love the name). The "deer in the headlights" could not have been more obvious...but, no, let's roll even one more video and bring in another "mystery guest (at least not named "Anonymous" this time). 

And notice the Camelot informers that just seem to go sideways: Pete Peterson...and let us not forget Dan Burisch (who is still intoned for his "valuable" Investment 'Psychic' Accused of Financial Fraudcontributions to the Camelot legacy). The bottom of the bus is smoking!!! Perhaps it's the bus seen in the Beatles' video, "Magical Mystery Tour"? Another ill-advised freak show, but at least enduring legacy for the great music. When in doubt, roll out Sean David Morton, the psychic stock trader...yeah, that'll work! Yeah...that's the ticket.


I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together. 
See how they run like pigs from a gun, see how they fly. 
I'm crying. -The Beatles, "I Am The Walrus"



Reader Comments (9)

love the Article, and ya Bill has done allot more damage than most want to admit, he and a few others, his buddy's just havent been caugt, matter of fact i sat there and listent to formal normal navy talke about how he thought some girl was 16, said he hooked up with her then found out she was 19, wow seems these guys are a bit gutsy, seems they also are involved in Swinger stuff, seems Eric Prince Jr had similar issues inside blackwater, seem there is one other that promotes it all, that is what bothers me is these guys with sex offender charges being helped out by those in those other circles only so that there names are not splashed all over for being swingers or recreational drug users. this is a bit bigger of a problem than most want to beleive, regular military possing as spec ops or just illuding to such things. ok i better keep calm today, i had a flood of memories lately due to a bit more relaxed. ya im pretty sure i know some of Brockbraders buddy's from Utah, its pretty sad to watch. it is also sad to know that some think Brockbrader and others embarasments are not as bad as a child being part of some spec ops. IM just hoping Kerry figuresit out, hope they start going through all those that Woodcock, Will of the cock's buddy's are checked out along with anyone that Gordon novel and a few others. never hear of him being mentioned much.
Great article, and ya my ears felt like the were bleeding at the lastest inteveiw he did with LIsa Harison, all i could do was think of how easy it would be to man handle CockBrader.
I want to show hm what someone that helped carry logs, oh and ive also noticed there are some that have deep seeded resentments towards seals for some reason, might be because they think there the same, or seals have it easier. its a bit insane when i hear comments like If i was a seal i might not have PTSD, its harder being somewhere for 8 mnths, those teams come in and the go out. I had to bite my tongue from saying realy that is what you think, i wanted to say ah id better hold my thought on that for now.

February 11, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterkimball

It seems that people try so hard to be right. Including this article and commenter. I read it for the sake of seeing what someones OPINION is. The cavalier insult of David Wilcocks name shows, IMO (get that?, IN MY OPINION) shows that the writer is not able to stick with facts and known info, but tries himself to muddy the water with slander. This is just another piece of the swirling terlet flush of people working hard to discredit someone for their own agenda - whatever that may be. Perhaps they are "on the team". perhaps, wanting to sound cleverer than thou. Perhaps, seriously demented. Perhaps, correct. but of course, no one can know which of these or what other fact might be the case, and so we are left simply with another piece of mindf**k to attempt to bring us to the conclusion that ALL these people are bringing forth nonsense and so we shouldn't pay attention to any of it.

We cannot verify any of the Navy SEAL info, nor much of anything else, so it comes down to credibility. I've read nothing here to give any credence to the writer - or the hot headed first commenter for that matter.

Bill Wood described many things that were already known to me through many other sources, though they may have seemed astonishing and fresh to him. David Wilcock has received much bonifde verification, so I am not falling for the trap set in this article regarding him. While I never liked Kerrys interview style and her ego was easy to see and hard to ignore in most interviews, she has toned down and gotten better. I don't know if she betrayed Bill or not - nor will I ever know for sure. So, while I am a bit skeptical of her and Camelot, I don't find her to be an outright shill for anyone. And perhaps she is 100% on the up and up - perhaps. Regarding Sean David Morton - though he's just a very small caveat in this article - with criminals running the gov't and justice dept., it doesn't surprise nor perturb me that he may have been accused of a crime. The criminal 'powers that were', do that all the time to try and discredit people whom they don't want giving out info, so that is a non-issue to me.

All in all to me this article seems like a sour hit piece meant to further muddy the water and confuse anyone trying to make sense of the info and situation. Which of course brings up the question of WHY?

I see now that this comment won't appear until its moderated by I assume the writer. I'm not holding my breath that he/she has the objective strength to post it......

February 21, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterthe dave

To "The Dave"-
Notice, first, that your comments were approved and noted (by me, the writer, editor, webmaster and host....). You are entitled to whatever you wish to think, just as I am entitled to post what I think to my website. Thank you for at least reading it.

Was this a "hit piece"? Well, not from my perspective, and for that you would need to read more than the one blog post. I have outlined my reasons for criticizing the people named in the articles, and David Wilcock is not above criticism. David has done some good work, and I have no reason, presently, to think he is "negative" or on the side of "darkness"---but he is a human, and flawed; and some of his behaviors smack of egotism.

Furthermore, David is an ace researcher, but his recent book, "The Source Field Investigations" is NOT new material! It is a brilliant (yes, I said brilliant) compilation of many streams of research, and I have actually commended it to some people who can benefit from his work in pulling together a LOT of information. For someone new to this arena, it is a great work. That said, it is not new material---and some of it is "borrowed", shall we say?

Your complaint about Bill Wood presenting material that YOU already knew is interesting!! I would probably agree, but like the book of David Wilcock's (above), it was new to some people. And when he attempted to reveal some "new" material, i.e.-the direct knowledge of the corruption of Las Vegas police (and some material which he was not allowed to present...yet), he was effectively shut down by Kerry. So I guess we agree: it is all a matter of perspective.

As to Morton, let me say this: This is a man who claims to be anti-gov. His audience are people who have been ROYALLY SCREWED by the banking establishment, which includes WALL STREET, but he is acting as a "psychic stockbroker"? Preying on the weaknesses of an audience who already buy into his bullshit! To me, the issue is this"

IF you are REALLY sincere about getting OUT of this system, why would you follow a psychic who is telling you to BUY INTO THE SYSTEM? Do you see the deep hypocrisy involved?

So, the way I see it is that YOU are another "adrenaline junkie" from Camelot, who likes the subtle twists of reality that they interject into the fabric of consciousness. My issues are to the core of MIND CONTROL...which is part of the methodology of Cassidy's "style". But enjoy it if you like it...apparently people PAY for this.

I have repeatedly ASKED questions of Kerry...she won't answer them. David Wilcock is insulated from anyone who tries to connenct to him, except through his MODS. And, in case you haven't noticed: ALL these people are from HOLLYWOOD---the mind control center of Earth. So forgive me for being a bit tough on them...they signed up for it. And they get the big bucks (notice how it's really about $$$$?)

If you enjoy this site, there is a PAYPAL button hidden somewhere


February 21, 2012 | Registered CommenterOffPlanet Radio

Disinfo all over the place. Back stabbing. Name calling. What a waste of time reading this. I KNOW the Truth. Too bad there are so many clueless people in the world. And yes, I realize this comment won't make it either, but you people need to get a grip. All of you. This is not some *reality show*. Or is it?

March 4, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterDB

I wish i could just say Bill Brockbrader i believe you, thing is i was accused of being what you say you were, this as well as i was accused of pedophilia.

so either Brockbrader was telling story's in jail in Utah and for some reason people got us confusedf or one another, or, ah why even go into it all.

just seems odd the sex offender would have a gul wing mercedies among other things, i bet he spends more on one meal than i do on 3 days of food just from the looks of his suit.

Thing is i know Brockbrader was put up to some things and that is why he gets the payoffs, im supposed to be the savage, the one nobody likes while he has aditted what he is.

kinda funny how everyone expects us to be like what Bill has Described as well as has been painted as.

So if some of my words seem harsh please understadnd how it feels to have ones Valor stolen and replaced with accusations of bein what Bill has Described, and with me denieng being him that made things even worse.
And Kerry ate his story up along with Shipley, yet they ignore me, i can yell in there face and hey act like either a victim or im not there, ive delt with those types every dam day for 20 years.

ever see a seal nearly pee themselves when they think you know what they did to your life,,oh by the way just because somebody is a SEAL or DELTA or whatever does not meen they are good people all the time.

But like everyone else i dont judge until i see which way they swing, good or evil, God will let me konw if i dont already know the differnce.

As far as Bill Goes, well Brockbrader is going to be hard to get to heal, he realy is still under allot of control mechinisms, truth gets distorted.

thing is ive said the same thing for over a decade.

So Brockbrader hang in there, trust me ive heard allot worse story's,,,,,,matter of fact me and one that was created to hunt those like you describe you are, well he and i nearly went at it.

REason was he did not get the same vibe from the his intel showed, he also could not figure out why his supperiors feared me so much, Ya me and A Jackle had a sit down several times, he even knelt down offering me his head literaly, he grabbed my hand made knife, i like to modifie the points and blades to cut and penatrate anything, he felt ashamed for what he had taken part in harming me.

So for 20 years ive been interigated as well as used on missions, they wanted to find out how i did it, how i was still doing it, somehow they were convinced i was the evil one.

From my point of veiw its like if Loki made everyone believe he was Thor and thor was loki.

Having said all that i want to thank Brockbrader for coming forward, his story has helped clear my name in some area's, yet i still want to see something that says the age of the girl, just for my peace of mind.

Characteristics of being spiritual, well read, traveled, and publicly known do not make you successful at the skill of facilitating information flow. Having an agenda is only a guide. It drives me crazy... How do people like her get into these positions? I'm sorry for all the time that was wasted and many disappointed and being led astray.

March 6, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterAdale Oneal

i was NEVER going to comment on this bullshit/hollywood play......Cassidy spiritual?!! say what?! did i read that correctly or are my eyes seriously failing me........and she is a god awful singer......there....gave my 1/2

March 30, 2012 | Unregistered Commentercat

I belong to an officially non-existent Hispano ethnorace (indigenous Spanish Americans of the Southwest). I understand the reality of mass mind control. We have been here since 1598 and earlier. When did the pilgrims land on Plymouth Rock? Was it 1619? But it's Hispanos that don't exist lest the fraud of "American" history be exposed to the light of day. Carry on William Brockbrader! In my estimation you are a brave and righteous man.

May 19, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterLuis Magno

"Stolen Valor" lol? Seals are just trained killers, who slit people's throats without question, hesitation or remorse. There are very few "good" assassins, and all of them know who they are killing and why. Anyone who kills because someone orders him to is just a monster. Hardly anyone believes those in government giving orders these days has a shred of "honor" so why would their paid killers have honor?

August 12, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterTom

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