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Reader Email on David Wilcock and Ben Fulford---What Do You Think?

People mean well, and I get that. The media stimulation creates a vortex of thoughts that stream and oscillate until we doubt what we see, hear and think. I get that. Out of respect, I have not posted the writer's identity, nor is this intended to impugn him...he is someone who keeps me honest. Because I spent the time answering, as sincerely as I can, I felt it proper to share my thoughts following this email:


Name and Email Witheld
Subject: David Wilcock
Message: Randy,

You have been critical of David Wilcock and my personal time-line was that I first heard of this on Coast to Coast and then I heard your take on the Wilcock/Fulford interview where you made fun of him so  I never heard the original interview so I sided with your speculation that David had done some shenenigans.

Today I finally got around to hearing the actual interview that David did with Ben and right now I am listening to David falling apart on the night he was threatened.  His distress rings true for me.  I belive he is under extreme distress in the phone call with Carey Cassidy of Project Camelot.

If Wilcock is acting I admit that he has fooled me with this performance.  Here is the link:

Please give the above a listen and then go back and listen to the Wilcock/Fufford interview.

You can decide for yourself whether or not David Wilcock was threatened.  I for one do believe he was threatened.  You can also decide whether or not Fulford is lying with his story which caused the distress.

Also I am well aware that when the PTBs have a beef with a public persona and if they can't threaten or buy them off that they character assassinate them with people they own or with people who act as Stooges who  do their bidding.

I have a question for you and I'll be blunt. are you being paid off by someone to sublimate Wilcock?    (Emphasis added)

If are not being paid off then you may want to vet your sources on anyone coming forward at this time on this issue with Wilcock.

I admit my mistake in not bothering to listen to the original interview and I had no idea that the interview with Cassidy existed till this moment.

Camelot has made mistakes, I'm sure Wilcock has made mistakes.  I would bet that you may have even made mistakes and Ithink you have mistakenly smeared Wilcock on this issue.

If you do listen to this interview and find that you may have made a mistake about Wilcock then I would appreaciate it if you to address your audience if you so choose and relay to them that you could have been mistaken about your speculation with David Wilock's interview with Benjamin Fulford.  If you are certain he is lying then you owe nothing and probably have not bothered to read this e-mail.

Thank you for your time Randy.

My remarks below---and I do drop some points I cannot substantiate. I will be ever so pleased to retract, with great humility, anything I am in error about. My "opponents" at Camelot drop "factoids" all the time without documentation or ascribing sources, so I level the field by saying: "You have your sources, I have mine":


Randy Maugans
Saturday February 15, 20102 7:48 PM
to Name Witheld
You may be my most honest reader/listener!
I am deeply flattered that you could front the notion I am paid to do this---given the puny audience I have vs. Project Camelot. But thanks! I still work a regular job and drive a 9 year old auto. 
I listened to the Wilcock-Fulford audios when they were released. I read the particulars of the $Trillion Lawsuit and the endless verbiage that David spent his days compiling. Yes, I heard the famous Camelot interview where David is threatened and breaks down. One question:
In that interview with Cassidy and David, there was a third person. An Aussie accent, who was called "Anonymous". We were told that Anon was David's protector. But no one on the show would admit WHO "Anonymous" was. Well, I know who he is, and he is NOT "Anonymous", his first name is Jack and he is an intelligence operative from Pine Gap Australia, who is (or appears to be) Kerry Cassidy's handler!
So, if David's intentions are pure, and Kerry is not playing the emotions of the audience, then Jack should have been introduced properly. Truth is, I still think  it was all contrived; I am unconvinced that any of this hoopla over the White Dragons and White Hats (and white undies) is anything more than a gigantic stooge play to keep the "community" off balance and distracted. At the least, the audience should have been told who Jack is...because David and Kerry both know who he is, and what he does.
Yes, you should have listened to  the audios if you care so much. No, you should not take my word for anything, and I could be wrong about many details because I cannot prove everything---yet. My question is this: at the core of all this drama, what does a $Trillion Lawsuit and gold in the Philippines mean to you? 
Assuming this lawsuit is ever heard, will it result in a reform of the global money system? Remember whose courts these documents must pass through. People with that much wealth pay judges. Assuming all this gold is recovered (and the gold story is true, buy the way), I hope you have dumped your gold investments well ahead because the price of gold will tank! 
Assuming that Fulford's White Dragons are not just another layer of deception, do you think they care about the exploitative practices of the American banking system; the IRS; the World Ban and IMF? And can they really stare down the gun barrels of the troops aligned across the Middle East? Does ANY of this, at the end of the day, really prosper you and your family and bring "peace and prosperity"? Look, this type of stuff has been around for over a decade---go look u[p NESARA.
These are the questions I can't ask David Wilcock because HE doesn't answer email from "puny" websites like mine. Kerry Cassidy won't answer these questions whilst looking down her nose at the "rabble" who feed her ego and bank account. It might be that Ben would...he seems the one guy in all this that is actually human. Maybe I am all wrong.
I have spent months reading the daily dispatches---from Wilcock, and a half dozen "Galactic Federation" type off world councils---ALL claiming that any moment now the Bush-Rothschild-Kissinger cabal will be rounded up and jailed...that a new currency is in the making...that humanity is "ascending" into a nerw consciousness, and yet all the while this insanity grows wilder and wilder. WTF?
I have NO idea what David Wilcock's agenda is. He has jumped merrily from subject to subject---from interplanetary climate change to CONVERGANCE, to this investigation into the global economic system. His book, "The Source Field Investigation" is a wonderful piece of research, but most of it is information already published, just regurgitated through Wilcock's world view. At best, he is a dilletente who may have found his "voice" he virally re-blogged through the meme machine of like-minded bloggers. 
Worse, as you would hear in my show with William Henry, that Wilcock PLAGARIZED Some of Henry's work---without credit---for his own. You may also recall Wilcock's response to James Martinez' January 1, 2012 announcement on Conscious Media Network, about another group working on a global economic reform---David went ballistic, and claimed Martinez was a "hoaxer" and "publicity seeker"...two things I can say that Martinez is not. This is, by the way, why James Martinez spoke to me and not Kerry Cassidy. 
So...based on the best evidence, what do YOU think, my friend? Because that is what matters. If I am wrong about David Wilcock I doubt he will care since I doubt he is but vaguely aware of me. Kerry is VERY aware of me because I have been up her ass for several months. Jack is in Australia, so I doubt he is hanging around David's house with a Glock...though he does fly in to MALIBU to visit Kerry at her beach house (pricey place to live for a "guerrilla journalist", eh?)
Humanity needs to wake up and stop following media divas off the cliff. If you learn from David Wilcock, then follow his teachings and own your awakening; use your higher self to determine truth, and understand that while WIlcock claims he is the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce, he is not the reincarnation of Christ. 
I appreciate your comments, and I see your sincerity, but I would like more than just feeling bad to back down from my gut feeling that this is all a gigantic charade. Hey, maybe ET does come down and set us free from our global masters....maybe we get lemon drops and lollipops to boot.



Reader Comments (3)

I wonder if the FBI is going to question Fulford, seen in the news i think 2T of counterfeit bonds and the geographical places mentioned are those Fulford mentions. Seems Australia is a Hub of more than just there handler Jack, but then its not so surprising.

February 18, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterkimball

I understand where you're coming from. So much drama and so little outward change.
How can it all be true, and how will we ever know who's being honest?

We do have some facts that have been substantiated:
1. International bankers have been financing unethical activities for a long, long time.
Slavery. The forcible colonization of the Americas, Africa, and Asia. Opium smuggling.
There is no evidence that this basic pattern has changed.
That makes them a very sensible ethics target.

2. A certain number of people on the planet are having strange experiences with "secret" groups.
Duncan and Miranda are obvious examples. Then there are the contactees in all their many variations.
So we know that something is going on behind our backs.

3. The CIA and others have been experimenting with hypnosis, drugs, and god knows what else ever since they were established. CIA-Nazi ties are fairly well established. CIA-terrorist ties are also attested to by reliable sources. So, why would anyone believe anything a CIA person told them about anything?

4. Higher spiritual abilities are real. They have been demonstrated and documented in a wide variety of forms. Many "ordinary" people never experience them, or if they do, don't recognize it as such. But there is considerable evidence that anyone can learn some of these abilities.

We have an establishment telling us that anyone who believes 1 to 4 is a nut. So, why should any of us believe anything that anyone from that establishment tells us?

How DOES a being ascertain the truth?

There is one answer to that question that many people keep coming back to: Ask God.

I never thought of this as an option. But, maybe it works!

The point is: With the situation as it stands, how can you blame someone for doing something stupid in an attempt to figure it all out? And how can you tell you aren't doing something stupid by thinking they are?

Here is an expression from Shakespeare that many see truth in:

The quotation "The lady doth protest too much, methinks." comes from Shakespeare's Hamlet, Act III, scene II. The phrase has come to mean that one can "insist so passionately about something not being true that people suspect the opposite of what one is saying." (Source: Wikipedia.)

This human foible is part of the whole dynamic of trying to work this thing out.

I try to follow all the different stories. I marvel at the energy that the story tellers invest in their stories. Many of them seem totally sincere. Like the child who thinks there is a monster hiding under the bed. Well, is there a monster, or isn't there? Many children are aware of beings that escape the attention of most adults. Does that make the awareness illusory? It's not an easy question to answer.

So, while I try to listen to everybody, I support the group that seems to be making the most actual progress towards changing the situation. If that group succeeds, then our future could be cheerful. Otherwise, I'm not sure what will happen. I, for one, don't see the triumph of the human spirit as inevitable. Yet, I must believe that it will be.

February 20, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterLarry

First hand, "D" Bank being investigated for mortgage fraud.

March 14, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterkem

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