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Counting the Cost: MASS ARRESTS or French-style Revolution?

I’ve had enough time to digest the whole scenario mapped out by Wilcock’s “Financial Tyranny”, Fulford’s headlines from the Asian underground, and the recent tour de force of the Drake messages (which mercifully have slowed to a trickle---he did actually shut up). As I wrote in a previous post:  Just because a thing CAN be done does not equal that it SHOULD be done. 

Some of the commenters here noted Drake’s statements about executing certain cabal operatives with great horror. I have been circumspect on one level because the sheer scope of the crimes perpetrated against humanity by these beings is so immense that it almost demands shedding of the blood of the guilty. And for the ones who would be without remorse, that still seems fair to me. I am not averse to execution where the crimes are in extremis.

Recent history around both the Nuremberg trials and the South African Truth and Reconciliation hearings affirm that humanity views bloody despots to be deemed worthy of mortal vanquishment. The level of damage to humanity, collectively, would likewise demand the ultimate penalty, no doubt!

What bothers me is not the actual final rendering of justice, but that we, as flawed beings, could ever take solace in such proceedings, much less the gleeful cries of the masses as bodies hang from trees. On one scale, evil has no actual accounting system because we collectively participate in its existence. What we should contemplate in any such event that we are “liberated” is IF we, as a collective consciousness can finally accept responsibility FOR freedom, Because doing so will require a brutal level of honesty which humanity has rarely accepted.

While the American revolution proceeded from a premise of freedom and only acted in a military action after the entreaties for peace were rejected. The American experience, severely flawed by the rancorous divisions of Federalists and anti-Federalists, nevertheless proceeded with some measure of moderation which yielded the product of the Constitution and the even more disputed Bill of Rights. Americans wished to return to their industry rather than risk internal warfare.

The French revolution proceeded from a collective rage against Louis XVI and moved toward his subsequent execution. From its inception, it was prone to corruption by radicals like Robespierre, the wholesale slaughter of over 16,000 people, and the rise of dictatorship by the Jacobians. Tyranny most often merely changes faces---and they are the faces of the collective temperament.

Wilcock’s voluminous “Financial Tyranny” documentation outlines clearly the linkages between bloodline elites, occultist bankers, and the Satanic practices of pedophilia and human sacrifice by these cabalists. On one hand, we have the $TRILLION DOLLAR LAWSUIT of Neil Keenan and the “Dragon Family”, on the other, a military faction within the Pentagon who appear to have long planned to implement an American liberation without martial law or violation of posse commitatus.

My questioning to Drake, in the interview, included a challenge to him about the character of the people who would be liberated. It seems that we, collectively, have suffered immensely, but that suffering has been vitiated on a larger scale by the sense of well-being reflected through mind control media and the drug of easy money. The elites in America understand that their own power lies in maintaining the illusions of wealth and the promise that anyone can “make it”. Unlike the early American revolutionaries, modern Americans have not yet had to “bet the farm” to sustain their perceived freedoms---we are still far too free to feel oppression intolerable. Our “frog” is still alive in warming waters.

Looking around America, one sees the edges fraying, the slow uptick in those who are beginning to see that something is profoundly wrong. The 2008 financial crisis was so extreme that it risked waking up the natives. Like 911, it had the potential to begin a domino-effect wake up that the elites could not risk. Hence, the bail-outs, and a new President who mouthed the platitudes of “change” as a mantra to quiet the collective. We still have no suffered enough…

The moral climate of America is tilted: the “haves” are doing QUITE well. And there are still enough of  them to maintain the American Illusion. The “have nots” are still too scattered and ineffectual in their own responses to make a movement like Occupy gain traction. Most people are just distracted, drugged, and enamored of their own vanities. Selfishness and greed are the dominant motivators on every level of western culture.

Drake and his military plan for taking out the cabalists MAY actually succeed on the tactical level. We have to consider that. As I stated in a comment recently, I do NOT think this man is lying. On the other hand, I worry about the motives of the new leadership who would fill the vacuums left by the forced expulsion of the corrupt ones. I also have to ask: who gets to enact a new GLOBAL economic system? While toxic debt-based economies are an evil easily understood, the more base motivations of the human collective leave plenty of space for “gaming” any system, even one based on substance and equity.

Both Wilcock’s unfolding scenario for replacing the decayed monetary system, and the one presented by James Martinez on January 1, demand hard questions about the people who claim the right to “issue” any such economic order. Any group which presumes to be of sufficient power to proclaim a “new order” is, themselves, subject to the present state of human moral depravity that brought us here today. The problem is one of the state of collective human consciousness.

An America…a global system …which is “liberated” from the current criminals who run it, would require complex systemic problem-solvers on a scale never before experienced. This would not be a “turnkey” operation, by any means. Moreover, it requires a complete re-think of our relationship with materialism, and each other---or it will quickly devolve into a mutation of all the failed experiments of history, with horribly violent consequences.

Despite all the best efforts of men and “angels”, my take is that the present model of humanity is far from capable of existing in a system free of despots. We created them in the first place to assuage our own shadow sides, which have not yet fulfilled the work of purification. Optimism, righteous anger, and the desire for “justice” can all be eclipsed by the unreasoning animal mind that still exists in the mass of humankind (and in saying that I mean no disrespect to our fellow beings, who actually operate in their own best natures).

For over a year I have followed the continuous outpourings from “ascended masters”, Galactic Councils, Archangels and various soothsayers…all chorusing the expectations of NESARA-style economic justice, elevated human consciousness and a “golden age “of possibility and hope. People like David Wilcock harness these genuine hopes that many hold, and garnish it with righteously researched data. We all know why we “deserve” this revolution, but do we understand that it comes with a PRICE…one that humans have not yet ever wished to pay. The downside is one that promises even worse oppression until we understand the dynamics of OUR roles as both oppressor and liberator.


Red Ice Interview: Clif High on "Drake", Wilcock, and Fulford

Clif High of and the Webbot Project, interviewed by Henrik Palmgren at Red Ice Creations. Hour 1 is the free audio posted here and part of a three hour interview for subscribers.

I may not always agree with Clif High's analysis---or even the whole idea of linguistic analysis as acurately predicitive. The webbot is a novel approach to data mining and has a place in the sociology of the internet...Cliff, himself, is refreshingly skeptical, and well-reasoned within his own framework. This analysis of the "MASS ARRESTS" scenario is a fair way to balance all the hubris coming from Drake and his unseen handlers.

Download Clif High - Hour 1 - The "Mass Arrests" Claim, Fulford & The White Dragon Society

"...the military is mind controlled...schooled in hierarchy and the reptillian mind..."

Drake: " a tool", his language "betrays control...speaking on an agenda", "his participation in this is not benign."

Wilcock: "uncritical thinking" 

Fulford: "he is lying (Fukishima)...bullshit! (the Yakusa/Dojo statements about 10 million jedis aiding in an uprising against the elites)"



Considering the Latest Drake Interviews: Ascension and Liberation Pitfalls

Listening to the audios coming out from Drake, along with posts from David Wilcock, and the news stories that indicate Obama is listing towards collapse...these are all fascinating tidbits...but I have never seen this President as succeeding, rather as failing to complete his term. That said, there are major issues not addressed by Drake's information, AND there appear to be factions on the edges of the media stratum which either do not ask the right questions, or operate from surface level perceptions:

We agree that certain elements of medfia are fear-mongers. Alex JonesSteve Quayle, Bill Deagle and many of the so-called "patriot" media operate from a fear basis (for profit...survival supplies and gold are a huge profit center for these hosts). That said, it does not mean they are completely incorrect.

  • We have the issues of underground bases---both human and negative ET hives. Unless the military forces presently outlined by Drake and Co. are fully equipped to deal with these forces (who made pacts with the military in a technology-for-human specimins deal in the 1950s) and their military counterparts, the feet-on-the-ground assets could be overrun.
  • Drake does not directly assert the presence of benevolent ET forces working with human assets, but this would clearly help to clear up those issues...we still have a layer of potential deception regarding ANY extraterrestrial presence.
  • It now seems Ben Fulford is backing away from his "White Dragons", realizing they are part of the cabal disinfo media ruse...David Wilcock's Monaco likewise splintering apart because they were infiltrated from the beginning by agents of the cabal to usurp any financial resolutions (please refer back to the January 1, 2012 James Martinez video) ...The Thrive Movement under Foster Gamble was never a viable solution, merely another paper tiger to appease the restless with "nice" solutions" that have failed in the past.
  • This is a complex series of scenarios playing out: there is the multi-national aspect; very complex information, especially coming from the Wilcock/Fulford axis where we are seeing the seams fraying on original sources. AND--- I still do not discount Alex Collier's information that there is a massive ET deception planned.
  • ...and then there is CERN...(listen to Duncan's remarks on this, and article here). There is also a book I am reading that connects to the CERN scenario, and while it may not mesh completely, I do recommend checking it out: Beyond 2012: Watch Where You're Going by Jaimy Mauricio (paperback or Kindle)

"In December 2012, the world learns the horrifying unimaginable: a reactor from a large hadron collider in Geneva, Switzerland has malfunctioned. Despite their frantic efforts, scientists are unable to control the damage and as a result, a black hole forms and it will begin to consume the earth; the world will be destroyed."

I am NOT a "doom and gloomer", nor do I simply believe that this global cabal (with off world handlers) will be simply resolved without significant hardships. I am a realist and a dreamer: humanity is deeply involved in a complete spiritual war that affects every aspect of our lives. Concurrently, we are in ascension on the soul and planetary levels, and the various dark control grids have sought to circumvent this evolutionary process' rapid conclusion.

We need to be VERY CAUTIOUS regarding armed insurrection, even insurrection headed by "patriotic" military types: the cabal has been embedded for thousands (if not millions) of years. This war is not simply about assets, logisitics, or strategies (legal or military). This war is spiritual on every level, and the individual humans, who do yet apprehend their own spiritual dimension, are at risk of becoming spiritual cannon fodder! 

Consciousness operates on many levels from the individdual soul to the collective streams of consciousness inside the 3-D/4-D matrix. We are ALL creatorson the individual layers, and also collectively impact the destiny of our planet and the human occupants. Every measured atack on ONE is an attack on ALL. We are connected by the threads of the 5-D realms and need to escape the gravity well of the closing age.

Each one of us elected to be here for this phenomenal period in the ascension of the galaxy and earth, each one of us has the capacity to choose our ultimate reality; and each of us can either assist in the ascension, or pull down the collective efforts. Operating in higher discernment will aid us in deciding what is disinformation vs. genuine efforts in this process. Educating those around you, at whatever level is appropriate, goes a long way towards preventing a "still birth" of the processes. Our own personal spiritual state impacts those around us on a scale that must not be underestimated. Ultimately, understand YOUR role in this time, understand you CHOSE to be here along with 7 billion others, and above all: follow your peace. 




Non-Info and Dangerous Whispers

 Think TWICE about what you hear...then listen again.

Alice: Well, when I was lost, I suppose it's good advice to stay where you are until someone finds you. But who'd ever think to look for me here? 
Alice: Good advice. If I listened earlier, I wouldn't be here. But that's just the trouble with me. I give myself very good advice, but I very seldom follow it.  (Alice In Wonderland, 1951)


This will be short. The last five days have been rife with all manner of stories, specualtions, half-formed facts, and the resultant churning of mostly "non-info". The David Wilcock "Drake" interview triggered an avalanche of reactions within the "alternative" communities, including echoes from already oft-cited sources including various "galactics" and even Mr. Former White Hat Operative stating that HE/They/IT has been involved with the long-range planning for "many years"...(of course, since most of FWH's posts are, at best, deriviative school-boy jokes, one HOPES this isn't the case...leave him/them at the side as just a symptom of the mailaise coming from the site's sponsor, media casualty, Kerry Cassidy).

My question: "How long do we have to suffer this shit?" This is dangerous!

Already, rumblings of the "lock and load" patriots are beginning to foment afresh, their wild-eyed hope of FINALLY using up those stashes of freeze-dried survival supplies, while hunkered down behind sandbags out on the hills. Gushing hopes that the "true patriots" have gained control at the Pentagon and we will soon see cabalists swinging from ropes in the center of D.C. It seems everyone "knows" Drake and is channeling "top level" information, and that sealed instructions are already in hand for "zero hour"...the "chatter level" is almost unbearable. 

Of course, come Monday (April 2), Benjamin Fulford delays his usual spurt of weekly "revealtions" for 24 hours (undoubtedly awaiting the script revisions) and we finally get this:

"In the US, the Pentagon has begun asking citizens to stock up with 72 hours’ worth of food because of possible disruptions associated with the imminent replacement of the US dollar with a new Treasury dollar, according to CIA sources in California. This move is also expected to be accompanied by a massive clean up operation aimed at draining the corruption out of Wall Street and Washington D.C. in order to restore the US to its former moral and economic greatness." seems NO ONE has heard or seen any such release from the Pentagon here in the US! Maybe I am not adept enough to channel the Joint Chiefs' latest telepathic missive...OR Ben is simply running a parallel time line that has not yet converged. 

Ben also announces the plans for something called "LIFE (Long Term Investments for Everyone) will finance European and US economic restructuring as well as promote massive development projects in the rest of the world. However, before it can be started, a small planning staff will begin the process of selecting international talent to run the agency. Exactly when this will happen is subject to ongoing negotiations but hopefully the first usable cash will be delivered as early as the middle of this month." (Nice touchy-feely acronym, there, Ben)

This ALL feels surreal...and it should, because the surreal is how a reality is created in the minds of people who continually seek OUTSIDE direction for their choices in life. The razor's edge, so to speak, is the thin line between utopia and nightmare..."wars and rumors of wars" (Jesus) are both equally effective forms of reality control. All of this is so far without substance.

Yes, "Drake" sounds credible...but based on what? Even if we really witness a "bloodless coupe", have you stopped to think of the implications of a reality where YOU...ME...and everyone else...finally has to take responsibility for the karmic blow back of our collective-created realities? Have we properly submitted our sources of this ongoing torrent of "non-info" to a higher discernment? Or are we riding a meme planted into the human consciousness to short-circuit what a true "ascension" experience would entail: a total accounting of the soul and a purging of the base human responses from the 3-D mind control?

Personally, a humanity that is delivered from the vice-grips of the satanic matrix before proper spiritual cleansing has occurred will simply lapse back into the state of ennui that produced the original nightmare with HORRIBLE repercussions. Humanity DOES NOT KNOW WHAT IT IS! If it did, we could throw off the oppressions without all the non-info and dangerous whisperings emanating form this sub-culture matrix. Maybe it's time to give yourself some very good advice...and FOLLOW it...without media savants and manipualtors. The TRUTH really IS inside you...


Reader Email on David Wilcock and Ben Fulford---What Do You Think?

People mean well, and I get that. The media stimulation creates a vortex of thoughts that stream and oscillate until we doubt what we see, hear and think. I get that. Out of respect, I have not posted the writer's identity, nor is this intended to impugn him...he is someone who keeps me honest. Because I spent the time answering, as sincerely as I can, I felt it proper to share my thoughts following this email:


Name and Email Witheld
Subject: David Wilcock
Message: Randy,

You have been critical of David Wilcock and my personal time-line was that I first heard of this on Coast to Coast and then I heard your take on the Wilcock/Fulford interview where you made fun of him so  I never heard the original interview so I sided with your speculation that David had done some shenenigans.

Today I finally got around to hearing the actual interview that David did with Ben and right now I am listening to David falling apart on the night he was threatened.  His distress rings true for me.  I belive he is under extreme distress in the phone call with Carey Cassidy of Project Camelot.

If Wilcock is acting I admit that he has fooled me with this performance.  Here is the link:

Please give the above a listen and then go back and listen to the Wilcock/Fufford interview.

You can decide for yourself whether or not David Wilcock was threatened.  I for one do believe he was threatened.  You can also decide whether or not Fulford is lying with his story which caused the distress.

Also I am well aware that when the PTBs have a beef with a public persona and if they can't threaten or buy them off that they character assassinate them with people they own or with people who act as Stooges who  do their bidding.

I have a question for you and I'll be blunt. are you being paid off by someone to sublimate Wilcock?    (Emphasis added)

If are not being paid off then you may want to vet your sources on anyone coming forward at this time on this issue with Wilcock.

I admit my mistake in not bothering to listen to the original interview and I had no idea that the interview with Cassidy existed till this moment.

Camelot has made mistakes, I'm sure Wilcock has made mistakes.  I would bet that you may have even made mistakes and Ithink you have mistakenly smeared Wilcock on this issue.

If you do listen to this interview and find that you may have made a mistake about Wilcock then I would appreaciate it if you to address your audience if you so choose and relay to them that you could have been mistaken about your speculation with David Wilock's interview with Benjamin Fulford.  If you are certain he is lying then you owe nothing and probably have not bothered to read this e-mail.

Thank you for your time Randy.

My remarks below---and I do drop some points I cannot substantiate. I will be ever so pleased to retract, with great humility, anything I am in error about. My "opponents" at Camelot drop "factoids" all the time without documentation or ascribing sources, so I level the field by saying: "You have your sources, I have mine":


Randy Maugans
Saturday February 15, 20102 7:48 PM
to Name Witheld
You may be my most honest reader/listener!
I am deeply flattered that you could front the notion I am paid to do this---given the puny audience I have vs. Project Camelot. But thanks! I still work a regular job and drive a 9 year old auto. 
I listened to the Wilcock-Fulford audios when they were released. I read the particulars of the $Trillion Lawsuit and the endless verbiage that David spent his days compiling. Yes, I heard the famous Camelot interview where David is threatened and breaks down. One question:
In that interview with Cassidy and David, there was a third person. An Aussie accent, who was called "Anonymous". We were told that Anon was David's protector. But no one on the show would admit WHO "Anonymous" was. Well, I know who he is, and he is NOT "Anonymous", his first name is Jack and he is an intelligence operative from Pine Gap Australia, who is (or appears to be) Kerry Cassidy's handler!
So, if David's intentions are pure, and Kerry is not playing the emotions of the audience, then Jack should have been introduced properly. Truth is, I still think  it was all contrived; I am unconvinced that any of this hoopla over the White Dragons and White Hats (and white undies) is anything more than a gigantic stooge play to keep the "community" off balance and distracted. At the least, the audience should have been told who Jack is...because David and Kerry both know who he is, and what he does.
Yes, you should have listened to  the audios if you care so much. No, you should not take my word for anything, and I could be wrong about many details because I cannot prove everything---yet. My question is this: at the core of all this drama, what does a $Trillion Lawsuit and gold in the Philippines mean to you? 
Assuming this lawsuit is ever heard, will it result in a reform of the global money system? Remember whose courts these documents must pass through. People with that much wealth pay judges. Assuming all this gold is recovered (and the gold story is true, buy the way), I hope you have dumped your gold investments well ahead because the price of gold will tank! 
Assuming that Fulford's White Dragons are not just another layer of deception, do you think they care about the exploitative practices of the American banking system; the IRS; the World Ban and IMF? And can they really stare down the gun barrels of the troops aligned across the Middle East? Does ANY of this, at the end of the day, really prosper you and your family and bring "peace and prosperity"? Look, this type of stuff has been around for over a decade---go look u[p NESARA.
These are the questions I can't ask David Wilcock because HE doesn't answer email from "puny" websites like mine. Kerry Cassidy won't answer these questions whilst looking down her nose at the "rabble" who feed her ego and bank account. It might be that Ben would...he seems the one guy in all this that is actually human. Maybe I am all wrong.
I have spent months reading the daily dispatches---from Wilcock, and a half dozen "Galactic Federation" type off world councils---ALL claiming that any moment now the Bush-Rothschild-Kissinger cabal will be rounded up and jailed...that a new currency is in the making...that humanity is "ascending" into a nerw consciousness, and yet all the while this insanity grows wilder and wilder. WTF?
I have NO idea what David Wilcock's agenda is. He has jumped merrily from subject to subject---from interplanetary climate change to CONVERGANCE, to this investigation into the global economic system. His book, "The Source Field Investigation" is a wonderful piece of research, but most of it is information already published, just regurgitated through Wilcock's world view. At best, he is a dilletente who may have found his "voice" he virally re-blogged through the meme machine of like-minded bloggers. 
Worse, as you would hear in my show with William Henry, that Wilcock PLAGARIZED Some of Henry's work---without credit---for his own. You may also recall Wilcock's response to James Martinez' January 1, 2012 announcement on Conscious Media Network, about another group working on a global economic reform---David went ballistic, and claimed Martinez was a "hoaxer" and "publicity seeker"...two things I can say that Martinez is not. This is, by the way, why James Martinez spoke to me and not Kerry Cassidy. 
So...based on the best evidence, what do YOU think, my friend? Because that is what matters. If I am wrong about David Wilcock I doubt he will care since I doubt he is but vaguely aware of me. Kerry is VERY aware of me because I have been up her ass for several months. Jack is in Australia, so I doubt he is hanging around David's house with a Glock...though he does fly in to MALIBU to visit Kerry at her beach house (pricey place to live for a "guerrilla journalist", eh?)
Humanity needs to wake up and stop following media divas off the cliff. If you learn from David Wilcock, then follow his teachings and own your awakening; use your higher self to determine truth, and understand that while WIlcock claims he is the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce, he is not the reincarnation of Christ. 
I appreciate your comments, and I see your sincerity, but I would like more than just feeling bad to back down from my gut feeling that this is all a gigantic charade. Hey, maybe ET does come down and set us free from our global masters....maybe we get lemon drops and lollipops to boot.