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Considering the Latest Drake Interviews: Ascension and Liberation Pitfalls

Listening to the audios coming out from Drake, along with posts from David Wilcock, and the news stories that indicate Obama is listing towards collapse...these are all fascinating tidbits...but I have never seen this President as succeeding, rather as failing to complete his term. That said, there are major issues not addressed by Drake's information, AND there appear to be factions on the edges of the media stratum which either do not ask the right questions, or operate from surface level perceptions:

We agree that certain elements of medfia are fear-mongers. Alex JonesSteve Quayle, Bill Deagle and many of the so-called "patriot" media operate from a fear basis (for profit...survival supplies and gold are a huge profit center for these hosts). That said, it does not mean they are completely incorrect.

  • We have the issues of underground bases---both human and negative ET hives. Unless the military forces presently outlined by Drake and Co. are fully equipped to deal with these forces (who made pacts with the military in a technology-for-human specimins deal in the 1950s) and their military counterparts, the feet-on-the-ground assets could be overrun.
  • Drake does not directly assert the presence of benevolent ET forces working with human assets, but this would clearly help to clear up those issues...we still have a layer of potential deception regarding ANY extraterrestrial presence.
  • It now seems Ben Fulford is backing away from his "White Dragons", realizing they are part of the cabal disinfo media ruse...David Wilcock's Monaco likewise splintering apart because they were infiltrated from the beginning by agents of the cabal to usurp any financial resolutions (please refer back to the January 1, 2012 James Martinez video) ...The Thrive Movement under Foster Gamble was never a viable solution, merely another paper tiger to appease the restless with "nice" solutions" that have failed in the past.
  • This is a complex series of scenarios playing out: there is the multi-national aspect; very complex information, especially coming from the Wilcock/Fulford axis where we are seeing the seams fraying on original sources. AND--- I still do not discount Alex Collier's information that there is a massive ET deception planned.
  • ...and then there is CERN...(listen to Duncan's remarks on this, and article here). There is also a book I am reading that connects to the CERN scenario, and while it may not mesh completely, I do recommend checking it out: Beyond 2012: Watch Where You're Going by Jaimy Mauricio (paperback or Kindle)

"In December 2012, the world learns the horrifying unimaginable: a reactor from a large hadron collider in Geneva, Switzerland has malfunctioned. Despite their frantic efforts, scientists are unable to control the damage and as a result, a black hole forms and it will begin to consume the earth; the world will be destroyed."

I am NOT a "doom and gloomer", nor do I simply believe that this global cabal (with off world handlers) will be simply resolved without significant hardships. I am a realist and a dreamer: humanity is deeply involved in a complete spiritual war that affects every aspect of our lives. Concurrently, we are in ascension on the soul and planetary levels, and the various dark control grids have sought to circumvent this evolutionary process' rapid conclusion.

We need to be VERY CAUTIOUS regarding armed insurrection, even insurrection headed by "patriotic" military types: the cabal has been embedded for thousands (if not millions) of years. This war is not simply about assets, logisitics, or strategies (legal or military). This war is spiritual on every level, and the individual humans, who do yet apprehend their own spiritual dimension, are at risk of becoming spiritual cannon fodder! 

Consciousness operates on many levels from the individdual soul to the collective streams of consciousness inside the 3-D/4-D matrix. We are ALL creatorson the individual layers, and also collectively impact the destiny of our planet and the human occupants. Every measured atack on ONE is an attack on ALL. We are connected by the threads of the 5-D realms and need to escape the gravity well of the closing age.

Each one of us elected to be here for this phenomenal period in the ascension of the galaxy and earth, each one of us has the capacity to choose our ultimate reality; and each of us can either assist in the ascension, or pull down the collective efforts. Operating in higher discernment will aid us in deciding what is disinformation vs. genuine efforts in this process. Educating those around you, at whatever level is appropriate, goes a long way towards preventing a "still birth" of the processes. Our own personal spiritual state impacts those around us on a scale that must not be underestimated. Ultimately, understand YOUR role in this time, understand you CHOSE to be here along with 7 billion others, and above all: follow your peace.