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 For those with the deeply held belief and experience that there is more to life than what we're told, and who are looking for a chance to learn how to work with healing energy on themselves or for others, this workshop and retreat is the perfect place to do so.  Duncan and Miranda work with you on utilizing the four elements, as well as guiding and instructing you on how to best use these energies on yourself and others. You will also spend time working with the various nature spirits, discovering your own strongest abilities, and strengthen them. These events are healing space to come and relax, have a good time, meet others like you who share a desire to learn more about their own intuitive capabilities, and explore, grow, recharge, and realign. >>>Learn more

 Duncan O'Finioan and Miranda Kelly were both part of covert CIA mind control projects which operate under various names from the 1950s to present. They were "paired" as a mission team through special initiation processes and worked in the field under various identities. Today, they are recovering their memories, healing, and now work as a team for a group called the "Gray Walkers", doing "serivice to others" missions.

They also make appearances and hold meetings on survival while working to inform the public on mind control and the secret government to end the reign of terror by "black ops" and hidden military-intelligence agency agendas 

2012 New Years Eve Show with Duncan, Miranda, Dave, and Randy 

New Years Eve in the Wolf Den: this is a conversation with four friends that includes discussions on issues like 2012, the future, the goings on in alt-world; serious insights into the recent events like Sandy Hook, The Batman Shootings, and some "woo woo" on things like time manipulation, reality constructs, and subliminal mind control...all great fun!

MP3 Audio - Click to download -Time: 2:35:14 


OCTOBER 10, 2012---Lights Out: FINAL 

The final page of Duncan O'Finioan's website




The blog was taken down by Duncan and Miranda last week, a casualty of the endless wars that wage on the web. You can find Duncan and Miranda at: and on Facebook:


 Soul Survival Training and Healing Seminars with Duncan O'Finioan
Info and registration: 


 OffPlanet Radio Live-08-15-2012-Hour 1: Duncan and Miranda 


Duncan and Miranda drop on to talk about their recent meeting in Tulsa, OK and the upcoming event in Los Angeles, CA. September 14-16, 2012 Info here:

July 28-Private Sessions: Sarah Stanga Interview 
with Miranda Kelly

Part 1 | Part 2 



 A brief interview with Duncan at the opening session in Sacramento over Skype :

Duncan O'Finioan news conference from the opening session of the Sacramento, CA Multi-Dimensional Survival Training and Healing Seminar:


Find The Others

Dear Camp Hill Family,

Just a reminder that tonight starting at midnight Eastern time we are
going to do a little ceremony and spend the next 24 hours sending out a
call out energetically to our as yet unmet family members to meet us for
help and support at the upcoming seminars.
For those of you who want to add your energy to this, we welcome it and
THANK YOU! Let us know any feedback or anything you experience during this
time and want to share.
Duncan and Miranda - 


June 2, 2012 - Calling in our next of kin! - Sacramento and Tulsa

My friend, matt presti, wrote this song as an anthem to finding like souls and kindred spirits. To our family who gathered, and to those who will joins soon I can't think of a more fitting song. Hope it inspires you all. - Randy


matt's original notes and yrics:

If we can realize that no one has control

We can turn around (turn around)

Come out of (out of)


Find The Others                     matt presti

You live in hell

You have to wonder

Why it is that people always seem to suffer

In the well

Beneath the water

Lay the answers to the questions that we ponder

Do we try so hard?

Just to falter

Sacrifices that we make upon the alter

If we learn

To come together

Then the world can change 

And we will make things better

Find yourself 

Find the others

There’s a world inside that you will soon uncover

Find yourself

Find the others

There’s a world out there that wants to be discovered

When you find yourself

You have no time

Follow the leader

There’s a goddess in you I hope you get to meet her

Don’t give your soul

To no vampires

You need to learn to pull yourself

Out of the mire

It starts with you

You want a teacher

Then stop believing all the gurus and the preachers

Follow your soul

The heart knows better

When you learn yourself

You will become the master


It was suppressed, banned, and bootlegged...Now it's BACK! 
"Innocence Turned Deadly" - Authored by Robert Duncan O'Finioan Edited by Miranda Kelley  Order from Amazon | Kindle Edition $2.99 | Available at Createspace

He is ridding the world of corruption and drugs, one operation at a time, but who does he really work for? And will the answer endanger his teammates , who include both his best friend and the woman he loves? A young man is quietly invited to join the Unicorns, a shadowy paramilitary group claiming to work for the Department of Justice. Between the nighttime raids, takedowns, and targeted assassinations he performs, Duncan soon realizes the corruption lies not only on the street, but beneath the veil of the law and justice itself. In this semi-autobiographical journey, he exposes the secret dealings that permeated every level of the government in Kentucky at the time.

Duncan wrote his first book prior to the accident which caused him to regain his memories. Years later, he realized that his subconscious mind, or perhaps his other personality, was leaving him clues about his then unremembered past in the pages of the book he wrote. 

Appearances On OffPlanet Radio

Duncan O'Finioan and Dave Corso

After Hours with Duncan and Dave -March 14, 2012 - Live post show call

The after hours post-show talk...listen in!



Duncan O'Finioan and Miranda Kelly 

The "secret sessions": over three hours of conversation are preserved here, with no editing, no music, and no production...this is the "raw" feed from the conference call to the recorder. Topics include: the current "shift", DNA changes, the heightening contrasts between "the two worlds"; recovery of memories and overlapping, non-linear time lines; inter-dimensional nano drones, ultimate surveillance and strategies for coping, the upcoming survvival training; The mind control meme, sexual control, Monarch and "real time" gang-stalking...
Duncan O'Finioan and Miranda Kelly with Dave Corso

This is "raw"...un-editied...over 3-1/2 hours of audio from three ex-Project Talent disclosers. Answering reader/listener questions is woven into the segments. We turned on the mikes...what happens when memories are recovered's all in the details. 


Duncan O'Finioan and Miranda Kelly

OffPlanet Live-02-01-2012-O'Finioan-Kelly - February 4, 2012 
Duncan and Miranda return to discuss: The Camelot "whistleblower", Bill Wood...our take is something less than has been preasented, but affirms the basics of the Bill Wood interviews so far. Miranda breaks out a bit on Nirvana frontman, the late Kurt Cobain, and his own background as a mind control subject, along with Courtney Love; Hank Harrison (Courtney's father), and the interaction of mind control projects with the entertainment industry. Duncan tries to reveal the specifics of the RETURN of Alesiter Crowley to the Earth realm

Following the Project Camelot "Awake and Aware" Conference, where Miranda Kelly stepped forward to give her testimony about her experiences in government black ops projects, we present the the first full-length interview since the event, more new information from both Miranda and Duncan. Three hours in three audio files.




Duncan O'Fnioan

Exotica Radio Show Podcast-April 2, 2011- Duncan O'Finioan
The second part of the conversation ties together some looses ends from part one with some questions answered, and some comments questioned. We go deep into the structures of the elite families, the inner workings of justice and eforcement when "they" step over the line...the future battle, the end game...what will it look like, and the choices to be made, the need to PREPARE; 



Duncan O'Finioan returns to Exotica in a wide-ranging discussion that begins with the subject of insider "whistleblowers" on the net...we talk about Benjamin Fulford and the "Charles" interview with Bill Ryan at Project Avalon. Understand that threading together all the connections at the highest levels of global power requires a bit of deftness, which goes into the spiritual realms...the ancient battles over earth and the populace...the CERN disclosure: portal for armies of immortals...the REAL "black awakening"...Shiva, destroyer of worlds...


Duncan O'Finioan: Rogue Warrior -  September 3, 2010
Exotica Radio Show-September 3, 2010-Duncan O' Finioan - Project Talent Ultimate Warrior-Interview 

Project Talent was one of hundreds of programs run under the CIA's MKUltra Progam from the 1950s to (allegedly) the 1970s. Targeting young children in both the U.S. and Canada with special, generational abilities; Taken at age six, Duncan was barely a teen when he was deployed into Southeast Asia as part of a group of human weapons, used to psychically destroy the genetically targeted Khmer Rouge under seige conditions. He would continue to be activated for missions involving espionage, military ops, and assassinations...until the "program" suddenly imploded.