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Links of related interest, sources, information, and inspiration

(The) Akashic Library

Alien Anthropology

Alien Jigsaw Puzzle

Alien Shift

Alien Scientist


The Arcane Archive

At Spirals End

Before It's News

Bill (Wood) Brockbrader

Chris Holly's Paranormal World

Charles Frith

The Chronicle Project

Confessions of A New Age Heretic-Bronte Baxter's

excellent dissection of the new age spiritual movements and genuine spiritual attainment.

Cosmic Conspiracies

Conspiracy Journal

Corina Saebels-"The Collectors Online"
UFO/ET abduction information, home of the book, "The Collectors" 

The Debris Field

Duncan O'Finioan

Visit Empath Community

Empath Community


The Fallen Project

Forbidden Knowledge TV


Goro Adachi:
The Time Rivers-Synchronicity and multi-contextual reality memes 

Etemenanki | The Time Rivers | Super Torch Ritual Underground Sterling
Contactee and harpist-music for ascension and DNA activation; music from sacred sites 

Half Past Human-Cliff High's webbot, The Shape of Things to Come reports

Haunted Voices

Hidden Experience-
Mike Celland explores the nuanced sides of synchronicity, UFO/ET abduction, and the culture of the paranormal:
Blog | Podcast 

A Healed Planet-Wade Frazier's compendium of spiritual, technological, and free thought.

Higher Perspectives

Mutli-dimensional artist and contactee, Bryan DeFlores, catalogs the UFO/ET phenomena from the Galactic perspective

Hollywood Hologram

Information Machine

Ingo Swann:The Ingo Swann Database-collected papers and research
by noted remote viewer/psychic, Ingo Swann


Late Night In The Midlands with Michael Vara

Life In The Mix-UK

Kim Carlsberg

Near Death Experiences and the Afterlife

New Dawn Magazine

Nexus Forum

Nick Redfern

Norio Hayakawa

Mac Tonnies

Open Minds

Orange Orb

The Other Side of Truth

Paradigm Research Group

Paranormal Magazine

Peter Kling

The President's UFO Website-
Grant Cameron's research
into the White House dealings with UFOs as well as
other topics including UFOs in the entertainment industry.

Project Avalon

Project PE -

Social network for paranormal experiencers and researchers

Pseudo-Occult Media

Psychedelic Adventure

Radio Misterioso

Red Cairo

Red Ice Creations

Sacha Christie-
UFO contactee/abductee/researcher-Leeds, UK

Spectrum Radio Network

Stan Romanek


Singularity Hub

THEY LIVE, In the Skies!

Through The Looking Glass 

UFO Blogger

UFO Digest

UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock

 UFO Encounters Live with Ronnie McMullen:

Underground Video UK Bases)
Underground Video UK is derived from the investigations section of the former Irish UFO Research Centre.
Alien abductions, mind control, MiLABS, Satanic ritula abuse. 

Unicus Magazine

United We Strike
Activist Radio Broadcasters: peaceful non-compliance, buying from local merchants and farmers, moving your money to locally owned credit unions, and personal preparedness in case of a disaster.
We advocate teaching your neighbors, friends and family so that they may teach others.
We, as one people of planet Earth need to stand together as one race to defeat the globalist agenda of the New World Order.  
UWS Archives | UWS Community Radio

The Vigilant Citizen

The Vike Factor-Into the Paranormal

Ways of the Wild Institute -
website of White Wolf Von Atzingen, former black ops assassin, and now teacher and healer

 William Ramsey-author, 

Prophet of Evil: "Aleister Crowley, 9/11 and the New World Order"

Women of Esoterica


An extensive amount of online information from James, a former insider of a clandestine government organization that has extensive interactions with different ET races.

X Zone Radio

Xenopolitics Institute