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Interview with Bob Neveritt (a/k/a Dobbs)-Hour 1

OffPlanet Radio Interview with Bob Neveritt (a/k/a Bob Dobbs)-Recorded July 4th, 2012-Hour 1
Bob's Timeline

Download MP3 audio Interview with Bob Neveritt (a/k/a Dobbs)-Hour 1 - Left click to download 

From Adolf Hitler to Frank Zappa...the affable enigma examines the 20th century Bob Neveritt

Hour 1: Meet Bob Dobbs

A 4th of July Surprise from the Hadron Collider MemeIn preparation for the live July 18 show, which will feature Bob talking about ION and the RNA Drops, we sat down to learn more about his "Forest Gump" life and the historical figures who crossed his path. Born in Paris in 1922, Bob Neveritt was the son of a butler to a British elite family ensconced in, what was then, the center of cosmospolitian activity. After World War I, the gated elites began to deploy intelligence liasons to learn about the rapidly changing world, and Rene Dobbs (Bob's father) was sent out into the trenches of a turbulent culture to rub elbows with the literati, artists, and patrons of the shifting global landscape. 

In World War II Bob stepped into his father's profession, showing up at the Battle of th Bulge in 1944. From there he went on to North America as an operative, eventually working as part of the CIA Secret Council of Ten (which he says he disbanded after becoming the head in the 1980s).

As Bob Dobbs, he was the inspiration for The Church of th Subgenuis and the poster boy (literally) for the culture of slack. As the archivist for Marshal McLuhan, Bob has labored in the field known as "media ecology", promoting McLuhan's views on the shifting landscape of media. From this, he developed the concepts of the "Five Bodied" human which dwells in flux amidst the "mystery landscape" of the post-Android ("chip body") culture. 

Bob can be heard on the weekly (Thursday evenings at 7:00 PM -PST) live Cash Flow show with James Martinez and his wife, Dr, Carolyn Dean. From 2009-2011, he also brought forth a channeled "non-physical" group entity named ION (through an Atlanta-based southern gent named "JW"), which proceeded to generate thousands of hours of discussions on Cash Flow and other venues. ION, it seems was the harbinger of the emptying of the "guff" (an old Hebrew term for the place where souls went when they transitioned from physical),economic destruction, the reset of human consciousness, and the ascension of humans into their bliss. ION's take on life: "Get happy or get out!"

Listen to Part 2


Cash Flow (Pay Day) with James Martinez on the Achieve Radio Network (Home of all things ION)

MOM McLuhan On Maui

Bob at Information Farm

Music outro: "Latex Solar Beef"-Frank Zappa and the Mothers

OffPlanet Radio Interview with Bob Neveritt (a/k/a Bob Dobbs)-Recorded July 4th, 2012

Reader Comments (3)

I liked this interview.

These ideas have been floating around for a long time, though, just sort of seeking out spokespeople that could garner some public attention.

For instance, ION. I have just heard him once or twice. But what an entertaining guy! And if that's what it takes to get the point across, then so be it. To me, he was basically just teaching the esoteric part of Scientology. And since I'm a Scientologist, I don't mean that as a slam in any way.

I'm just making the point: These ideas have been floating around for a long time, just looking for appropriate mouthpieces. For instance have you ever heard of Edward Bellamy? In 1888 he imagined debit cards, mass distribution centers, and the trend towards everyone eating out.

The real compelling concepts from Bob have to do with the manipulation of popular media and culture. What an incredible, bizarre - but obvious - story!

July 12, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterLarry

uniquely annoying intro music

July 19, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterjan den older

Great interview. In writing some memory of my own - I tracked down some "Ruben and The Jets" information from 1972 in East Los Angeles.

March 2, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterLola de Loca

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