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OffPlanet Live-02-22-2012-Hour 1-Disassociative Rant

OffPlanet Live-02-22-2012-Hour 1-Randy Maugans

I call it the disassociated rant. No guest, a live show, and a lot of loose end to roll up:

Duncan O'Finioan's survival training: Survival Training Seminars

Troops on ground in Iran---WWIII to begin?
Iran not about nukes or WMDs, but an exotic technology that the US and Israel wish to confiscate and suppress; ditto, Iraq and Bosnia…want FREE energy…stop the M-I-Banking Complex who are vested in keeping us petro-addicted.

Free Energy IS coming…but it will come with great pain until the elites are takne down. Cold Fusion: Dr. Anre Rossi; COLD FUSION in China, Russia…no free energy for YOU, dumb Americans and Euro-trash!

The Emergence of LENR and it’s Predictable Effect on the Economy

Project Camelot/Brockbrader
Bill “burned” by Camelot; coments from the blog on articles

The Infosphere

Do we constantly need more information?

Bill Brockbrader-Why he was important at the time of the Project Camelot interviews:

Most "whistleblowers" supply information, and the more "shocking", the better---we are information addicted, but lack real strategies to overcome----the classic victim mentality...How much power do you have when you are a victim of "them"?

How much "woo woo" do you need; OR----are you using the "woo woo" to avoid responsibility for your own power, your own healong, and for creating the changes in the mind space of the human consciousness?

So-called "alternative media" is really only different in WHAT it presents, not how. The effective metric of what is called "mind control" is whether states areassociative or dis-associative.

So much of the "information" serves to titillate or arouse states in the hypnotic modes, much like the hypnotic effects of TV or film; it creates relationships, either negative or positive----doesn't matter----either serves to BOND the information in a disassociative mode. 

Hence, forums, chatrooms, comments form a nuclei of the information bubble through which the information is processed. Disassociative information loosely bonds to form non-coherent "memes" that vibrate into the larger info universe.

Ascension/Galactic Councils/Peace-Prosperity Plans by ETs?
Steve Beckow, Salusa,Wanderer of the Skies,, Sheldon Nidle, “PooF”---why are ETs going to set us FREE, if we can just take out own power back and DO IT?

Love and Lighters: People who harp on love when they are being defensive, but go to hate when the chips are down---Kerry Cassidy BURNED Bill Brockbrader! Simple. Called him “RE_PROGRAMMED”---another term for “mind controlled”. 

The mind control meme on steroids.

Video:  Ron van Dyke: 

"Star of the Age" - Shearwater 

OffPlanet Live-02-22-2012-Hour 1-Disassociative Rant

Reader Comments (4)


Thank you for your honesty, directness and clarity.
I listen to your show streams from China, without the relevant communication gadgetry and thus am not able to call in.

I appreciated your passionate call for humanity, on your recent rant, to empower itself and step up individually, without looking to outsider salvation.
I believe wholeheartedly that a huge percentage of our race will be answering that call.

Would enjoy being able to chat over a coffee, in this life or the next.

Thanks brother,

As we say in Asia… love you long time.

In appreciation

Richard Hill

February 25, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterRichard

Dear Randy,

Fine analysis of the scene. I think you have your ear to the track like a scout and sense well what is immanent, especially the appearance of a would be "savior."

I take exception to your statement that the, "Creator is part of creation," not because it lacks a valid basis, but because it is sloppy; i.e. some might take you to be saying that the creation pre-exists the Creator. Is this really the case?

I see the truth to your statement in the present moment, as Jesus Christ is both Eternal Son and part of the uncreated Trinity, and he is also the son of Mary and a very real participant in the created world. Likewise the Holy Spirit is moving to and fro in the created world itself.

I do not deny your Christianity, nor your spiritual capacity. In fact I am blessed to encounter such a soul. However, the appearance of a statement which denies the eternal pre- existence of the Creator, in favor of the creation first, made me raise my eyebrows...

Could you please be more clear on this subject? Thanks.

February 25, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMichael K.

To | Michael K. ( of "Creator is part of creation,":
In my mind, the two are integral, i.e.-a Creator is, by definition, the act and essence of creation. We can become trapped by words (like "pantheism", for example) and miss the subtle meanings. This Creator clearly identifies Itself as "I AM that I AM"---a self-existent Being.

Pre-existence has an inherent linkage to TIME, which is a limited view of such a Being. Even the Christian scriptures are clear that time is a condition imposed on the ordered universe, which is the creation. So, I merely wrpped the concept of "GOD", Creator into Its essential Being-ness.

My "Christianity" is, likewise, a convenient means to identify a limited-scope relationship to something far bigger, and is in a constant state of re-definition. Thanks for the thoughtful comments!


February 25, 2012 | Registered CommenterOffPlanet Radio

Hi, Randy.

The reservations you expressed regarding channeling were dead on, particularly your observation on the similarity between channelers and clergy. Without regard to content, these are nonetheless roles people are playing. Authoritarian. Performance-oriented. Interpretive.

What follows is my take on channeling:

• Telepathy is real. However, unlike channeling, telepathy does not involve public performance.

• Divine Intelligence is real.

• Divine Intelligence can and does utilize psychic communication, including telepathy, to communicate with human beings. So, theoretically, at least, Divine Intelligence can utilize channels for public communication.

But here's the barb on the hook:

Just because you are dead, an ET or an unseen entity does not mean you are enlightened. There are faker spirits, tricksters that love to interfere. Not having the inner sensitivity or training in healing unseen negative influences one can easily be misled. They often use flattery, you are the chosen one, special, etc.
~James Gilliland

It was hard not to notice how quickly and silently Project Camelot channeling adherents blew right past Gilliland's cautionary note (which included a warning about the potential for PsyOps interference in channeling), issued just a few days after many were disappointed not to have caught a ride on those so-called Galactic Federation ships. One suspects the course will be repeated, probably with escalating consequences, until the lesson is learned, which is why I felt a need to throw in my two cents for anyone who might be ambivalent about it.

This criticism is not intended to ridicule or humiliate anyone involved. It is intended to empower. I understand very well the desire to hitch a ride elsewhere; to be in the presence of something or someone not toxic. Think about the real life disruptions; ones I suspect we don't often hear about due to the shame and crushing disappointment of unfulfilled prophesy. No one enjoys looking like a sucker - and all of us, on some level or another, are. Personal growth appears largely predicated on learning and relearning this throughout life. It is no coincidence the joy of illumination is often found in the dark swamp of poor judgment.

Having studied consciousness for much of my life, and as someone who has had several telepathic exchanges during profound, unambiguous UFO sightings, I am of the opinion delusion, conceit and a serious lack of spiritual discernment drive the channeling subculture, which, on the whole, is intrinsically authoritarian. The channeled script, not surprisingly, asserts the opposite - often, quite strongly; a tactic reminiscent of Americans being told - every half-minute or so, from the cradle to the grave - how FREE! we are.

Divine Intelligence, where human institutions are concerned, is intrinsically subversive. People have a very difficult time understanding the extent to which this is true. Fortunately, for reluctant or aspiring subversives, the most effective subversion isn't violent insurrection, but non-subscription. Not Interested, in all probability, is the greatest threat to the status quo. That's why I'm not interested in the bloody innards of nationalism, militarism, electoral politics, commerce, religion (in the doctrinal sense) or the assembly line of academic experts cultivated to serve those or other institutional quarters.

Human beings do not require intermediaries to communicate with Divine Intelligence, and Divine Intelligence certainly doesn't require intermediaries to communicate with human beings.
This was not expressed to me as a message; rather, it was demonstrated as an explicit object lesson delivered via individual experiences - often with a UFO/UAP serving as a kind of physical interface used to confirm the validity of psychic interaction.

By lesson, I mean I had to work my ass off to understand anything. This modality of instruction, for me, has been a constant; one comprising a lesson in itself: Be very wary - not reflexively dismissive, but wary - of free-floating messages or answers appearing to manifest beyond the fertile fields of personal experience. The neural sparks of Discovery and Understanding, yielded by personal effort, are what turn information into Knowledge and Insight.

February 28, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterArvin

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