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OffPlanet Live-03-14-2012-James Martinez-The Cold Fusion Effect

OffPlanet Radio LIve-March 14, 2012-Randy Maugans with James Martinez


Download OffPlanet Live-03-14-2012-James Martinez-The Cold Fusion Effect

James Martinez returns to OffPlanet Radio to unravel the free energy juggernaut...beyond the obvious, beyond the programmed responses.

The "cold fusion effect" is a total sensory reframe and the epic moment when humanity chooses: take back your power, or perish in the aftermath. Cold fusion is the metaphor of a much bigger shift in the planetary consciousness, it unlocks an entire new reality that can properly be called the "dawn of the gods." 


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 Bloomberg story on Andrea Rossi/e-Cat

This segment aired on Bloomberg's energyNOW! November 6, 2011. This is an excerpt from a video at from time stamp 19:02 and 20:01


OffPlanet Live-03-14-2012-James Martinez-The Cold Fusion Effect

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  • Source
    Beginning in the fall of 2012, low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) powerplants may be available at Home Depot for $1500 to supply individual homes with all the heating and cooling needs of the home. In another year, the devices may also be able to supply electrical power.
  • Response
    Response: stun guns
    OffPlanet Live-03-14-2012-James Martinez-The Cold Fusion Effect - Radio Show Podcast - OffPlanet Radio-Spirituality, UFOs, ET, Paranormal, Fringe Science
  • Response
    Response: timothy riecker
    OffPlanet Live-03-14-2012-James Martinez-The Cold Fusion Effect - Radio Show Podcast - OffPlanet Radio-Spirituality, UFOs, ET, Paranormal, Fringe Science
  • Response
    Response: Lee Trotman
    OffPlanet Live-03-14-2012-James Martinez-The Cold Fusion Effect - Radio Show Podcast - OffPlanet Radio-Spirituality, UFOs, ET, Paranormal, Fringe Science

Reader Comments (4)

Frankly I am very uncomfortable with a person who openly talks about blasting other people's consciousnesses without their permission. We have already been controlled by the controllers, and freedom to me, means freedom from all control, not the choice of control by this person or that. My personal filter for assessing whether someone is a good-guy or a bad guy is the degree to which they respect my personal rights to stay independent from them. Did I misinterpret what this man actually said?

March 17, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterchristine

You have all the rights you wish to avoid any such consciousness blasting. All is done by permission. You didn't misinterpret---you heard what you wished to hear.

March 18, 2012 | Registered CommenterOffPlanet Radio

While I have hope that Rossi's E-CAT device will see a working application for private use, until verifiable test are completed I will remain cautious. Since hearing about this last year I have followed it off and on and have concerns not only about the validity of his claims but also regarding some of his past history including his oil from organic recycling which never produced the levels of output claimed and left a toxic mess when he left Italy.
He also made claims in thermoelectric research which, after receiving a grant from the military, failed to live up to it's claims as well.
I am not saying that the E-CAT doesn't work, time will tell. I am saying that the method of marketing and some of his claims so far have generated money and funding for him with little to show for it. His claims at times are either misinterpreted or inflated depending on how you view things, such as his demonstration for the "University" of Bologna which was done in his garage. His failure to follow through on the NASA demonstration and his claim that his 1 MW catalyzer was delivered to an un-named customer which turned out to be false.
While Cold Fusion and or LENR technology will be a game changer and a huge sift to the paradigm, I'm not convinced that Rossi or his E-CAT is the catalyst as this program leads on to believe.

March 19, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterDave

Mr. Martinez GETS it!

May 25, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJoseph Farrell

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