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OffPlanet Live-03-28-2012-Carlos del Angel-The Shiny Demise Project

OffPlanet Live-03-28-2012-Hour 2-Randy Mauagans and Dave Corso with guests, Carlos Del Angel and Tobias

Download OffPlanet Live-03-28-2012-Carlos del Angel-The Shiny Demise Project

We found the Shiny Demise Project through the Alex Collier interview that was posted there on March 3, 2012, and then discovered a marvelous website that blended UFOlogy with a unique philosophical and spirituality perspective into articles and podcasts in the Spanish language (thanks to Google Translate we could read the blogs). We invited Carlos to appear on a live show so we could get a view from south the border.

Shiny Demise is a rare concept: most of the UFO and parnormal news is in the English language; Carlos set out to make the information accessible to Latin Americans, featuring Alex Collier's messages, as well as Carlos' own experiences with entities, and the contributions of other writers to the blog. The result is a culturally unique blend that is rarely found on English language websites. 

We discuss the last Alex Collier interview, the dire warnings about the negative ET deceptions and Alex' long history in putting out the message of a coming "event" that could change the world views of humanity.

 This interview wentl long as Carlos launched into his dissection of the American maliaise, the views held by people in the Latin world about America...and Americans. This flowed into a dialog about the need to put aside barriers of language and borders and begin to reach out to each other. As Carlos says, "The world is wondering WHEN Americans will wake up!"  That once America rises up to shake off the cabal, the other countires and peoples will follow us. This show takes on an air of solidarity between brothers and sisters who share borders, and also the oppression of too many years of Illuminati rule. 

Music: "Anybody Out There"-Civil Twilight


OffPlanet Live-03-28-2012-Carlos del Angel-The Shiny Demise Project

Reader Comments (2)

Hi Randy,

WOW!!!!!!! Thank you soooooo much for bringing it back to where it needs to be!! This is why I listen and take to heart a show like this. Humanity seems to be missing an "Outrage Gene" that prevents us from responding to the very things that require our attention. Your show tonight is responsible for igniting a fire in me...and for that, I will always be grateful!!

BC Canada

March 31, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterDelina

That was another great interview...i have subscribed to Shiny Demise Project...looks like lots more reading and watching...i need more hours to my daze and new eyes (either that or better reading glasses)

March 31, 2012 | Unregistered Commentercat

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