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OffPlanet Radio Live-11-21-2012-David Griffin: Paleo-Intel Report

Spiritual Mind Control? Memory Wipes and Soul Implants? Reality on steroids:

Most people now know that there is something very fundamentally wrong with our current society, and they can feel and see the direction it is really heading, despite all the rosy propaganda, false statistics, and not-so-subtle lies to the contrary.David Griffin


 David Griffin: Paleo-Intel Report - Complete 

Download: Hour 1 | Hour 2 - Right-click to download MP3 audio

YouTube: Hour 1 | Hour 2

David Griffin is the author of Revelation: A Briefing For the Peoples of Earth. With a professional background in design & engineering, he embarked on an intellectual and spiritual journey to uncover the truth about his existence, and in 1992, began recovering memories of his own previous lifetimes. With each new recovered memory, the pieces of an extremely ancient and intricate puzzle began falling into place.

The Book | Source

 David Griffin reveals some of the most difficult, far-reaching intelligence ever aired on the show about the condition of humanity, the planet Earth, our galaxy, universe(s), and the cosmological control hierarchy which currently exists.

Beginning with multi-life incarnations where beings are subjected to mental and spiritual programming or “implanting” to prevent them from recalling who they are, and their past-life experiences; the enslavers have historically utilized implanting facilities on the moon, Mars, and Phobos (among other places) for detention, torture, and re-programming, both during a person’s lifetime and even “between lives” in a spiritual state.
David has been an inter-planetary freedom fighter and intelligence officer for the "light side" in many previous lifetimes, and has been in a process of past-life memory retrieval since his youth this lifetime. The information on the website, and in the book, are part of an ongoing process of data retrieval, intelligence assessment, and debriefing to the inhabitants of this world who can hear and act. The bad news is: we are all IN this spiritual mind control program. The good news: we hold the power to break the code.


OffPlanet Radio Live-11-21-2012-David Griffin: Paleo-Intel Report

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Reader Comments (5)

Some puzzle pieces come together in this interview with Griffin for sure, and although I found his constant "Muttley" laugh a little off putting (was he nervous?) I appreciated hearing his contribution. But, I feel I must point out he misrepresented David Icke with regard to reptilian shape-shifting. Icke has gone to great pains to explain when he talks about "shape-shifting" he is not referring to a biological flesh/blood shift from one creature to another, but rather an energetic shift or holographic frequency shift. I just felt it a little arrogant of Griffin to state he could 'clear up' this situation for others with regard to Icke, when he didn't even have the info right himself. Thanks Randy.

November 24, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterLiz

Very interesting interview. I've been reading Griffin's site on and off all day today. I view this as more pieces to the puzzle many of us are pursuing to wake up out of the fog that's been over us since birth. In reading his site, I've read to the Level 5 section. As I was thinking about what he said to that point, I felt this is exactly what Paul is talking about in Ephesians in his very condensed way about powers and principalities and the hierarchy of evil on earth and in the heavans. Since I was young I've had the feeling something extraodinary would happen in my lifetimes and here we are at the edge of the cliff. Those of us out here that have been searching for truth, inside and outside the bible appreciate your efforts!!

November 25, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterDave

Was I nervous? Yes I was.

I’ve noticed a number of times in the past, that when I speak before groups of people, an unsettling nervous feeling turns on, so yes, this is at present an uncomfortable area for me.

It is only by venturing into uncomfortable areas and confronting our fears however, that we can ever hope to find the true source of them and discharge them, and I really wouldn’t be much of a point man if I wasn’t willing to confront my fears and go into uncomfortable situations.

I suspect that at some point in the past, I’ve probably gotten a bit of programming and implanting in an attempt to hobble me in this area, as the Enslavers don’t want me speaking publicly and spreading what I know to others; and I’m also sure that at some point as I continue, I’ll find the source of that charge and release it, and this will become a comfortable area for me once again.

But until then, I’ll just have to keep doing my job despite the uncomfortable feeling it produces, so some understanding and cooperation would be greatly appreciated.

As for the comments regarding David Icke, I was kind of hoping someone else would have stepped up to the plate by now and discussed that area, as I need to focus on areas which others cannot handle for me.

Lasers and holograms have been around for quite a while now, and if David Icke had meant to refer to a holographic or energetic projection, why not just simply say that, as that would have been perfectly clear to most people.

Instead, he chose to use the term “shape-shifting” which itself has been around and understood for a much, much longer time, and refers to a very specific phenomenon which is discussed in many ancient cultures, where a being’s physical, biological body transforms into a completely different body type or shape such as in Lycanthropy.

Further, when David Icke points a finger towards a reptilian species as being behind the illuminati, and being responsible for the massive corruption and enslavement we now see on this planet, he is deflecting attention away from the guys who are really responsible.

I know who these guys are, because I was in their intelligence service not too terribly long ago, and their bodies are NOT reptilian, nor do they have the ability to “shape-shift”. They are however, very adept at spreading disinformation and deflecting attention off of themselves.

David Griffin

November 25, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterDavid Griffin

Hi Randy, I was throughly captivated by your guest David. The info about the implanting facility was very interesting because I have always thought I have lived many lives and have a feeling I should be able to tap into universal knowledge at my convinence but there is something blocking me. I know he didn't get into the universal knowledge but its a strong inner feeling i have. The fact that more recent past life memories are harder to remember than older ones have been my experience also. His explanation of deja vu was right in my opinion and I love how you compared it to Battle Star Galactica. As always I enjoy listening to you inteview people because you give them time and space to say what they need to say.

December 17, 2012 | Unregistered Commentersmiley

I've not listened to the MP3 with David Griffin, only basing this on previous comments above re show. Griffin takes careful aim at me regarding programming and implants yet has the gall to state these of himself, double standards there Griffin lad. Be careful as you come across very arrogant at times lad, forgetting some of us have been in this business way before you were born.

December 28, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterBarry M King

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