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Soulcatcher with Nigel Kerner

OffPlanet Radio -February 21, 2012-Randy Maugans with Nigel Kerner 

Download Soulcatcher with Nigel Kerner 

Author-researcher, Nigel Kerner, from the UK, returns for a discussion on the state of human "being" in the age of the microchip. The juncture of technology and the human interface defines a boundary parallel to alien abduction and experimentation. The soul of humanity is the essense of the great the technocrats from Ray Kurzweil to Bill gates deploy the assets of money and they do the bidding of the aliens, who, likewise covet the human soul? The "soulcatchers" are both alien and machine. Unreasoning, uncompprehending, of the power of humanity; we, likewise are largely ignorant of our own power and authority.

Nigel brings his humility, warmth, and humor to a subject that is dark and ominous. He reminds us of lessons in history that beckon to man's eternal destiny, and the example of One, who "made it". UFOlogy today is divided, and both misinfo and disinfo is seeded into the conversation to keep us off balance; to keep us victims instead of victors. The war against the soulcatcher is the embrace of the human experience, and our reckoning of the spark that cannot be "harvested"---unless WE give up our power.

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Nigel's Books: "The Song of the Greys" | "Grey Aliens and the Harvesting of Souls"


"Radio Free Europe" - REM 

OffPlanet Radio -February 21, 2012-Randy Maugans with Nigel Kerner-Soulcatcher

Reader Comments (2)

Nigel is full of great words and ideas. But many of these ideas are already familiar to me!

The physical universe itself is a created thing! And all that is physical decays at some rate. That makes the physical finite in every sense of the word.

So: What could create something like that? It could only be something that transcends the physical. That would make it, by opposing definition, infinite. And that is the Creator and all creators.

He even makes the point that "1+1" can only "equal" another "1+1." (Hubbard makes this exact same point.)

What he misses is our long history. This history includes our long descent into the physical universe, which was allowed by our ignorance.

His vision of our new future involves our freedom from that ignorance. And that ignorance is fundamentally simply a false identity. Like "1+1=2." It is: "I am totally a part of the physical."

To the extent that we can free ourselves from that ignorance, we can have a future that aligns with Nigel's vision.

As for our history of ignorance, Hubbard has discovered huge pieces of this. He has found in our past, doll bodies, robot bodies, computerized societies, nuclear war, space travel, genetic engineering, terraforming, and on and on and on. All these things have already been a part of reality. And perhaps in some places they still are. And on earth they could yet be, if they aren't already. It's not "brave new technology." It's tired old technology!

What would be new would be a recognition of the ignorance involved in identifying ourselves so closely with physical things. WE ARE NOT PHYSICAL THINGS. We do not need to operate on "physical" principles. We don't need universes to exist. We create universes to amuse ourselves. Now, that would be a new awareness, and could usher in a new game.

Nigel has stumbled upon these truths. Well done!

But someone else got there first. I hope we can all find a way to appreciate each other as things roll forward.

February 22, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterLarry

Nigel's message is the classic Gnostic cosmology. The "hacking" took place a long time ago. Awakening and unwinding the "reality" programming is the anecdote. The eternal conscious being is the manifestation of beingness. Human ego is where the Archonic "hacking" took place.

March 13, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterHermes

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