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 "The day of the absolute is over, and we're in for the strange gods once more." -David Herbert Lawrence

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Duncan O'Finioan: CERN|Darkworld

Randy Maugans with Duncan O'Finioan - recorded 03-12-2014

Duncan O'Finioan: CERN|Darkworld(Complete 30m 28s) -  Right click to download MP3 audio
The movie, "Thor: The Dark World"depicts parallel aspects Duncan’s predictions about the CERN LHC being used as a portal to bring in dark entities from other dimensdions.
The grand convergence  and what is called the "galactic center"; 
CERN=the aether in Thor.
The vampiric Dark Elven race.
The origin of the Dark Elven race after a civil war split the Elven world into a lower dimension.
Earth is Midgard, a strategic realm as a “jump room” for accessing the other eight realms (dimensions)
We also riff off into current events and the state of humanity's overall consciousness...

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Duncan O'Finioan: Dark Mission

Time Travel at CERN , Or Dimensional Rift? 

 Music: “The Displacement of Time” - The Alien Mike ET The Furious Guitar by The Alien Mike ET

  Creative Commons by-nc-sa 1.0 license, 

Available at:

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Duncan O'Finioan: CERN|Darkworld


Duncan + Miranda: Energy and Healing Gathering

OffPlanet Radio Live - 07-17-2013- Hour 2: Randy Maugans with Duncan O'Finioan and Miranda Kelly

Information on Energy and Healing Retreats

Duncan and Miranda recap the recent Camp Hill II Retreat, discuss the components of their meetings, and we also kick about numerous topics, including Odinism, tapping of Elementals,  and the use of crystals for enery work. They also announce the next event, scheduled for Duluth, Minnesota on the weekend of August 23-25. Information and sign up  for the events can be found here


Duncan + Miranda: Energy and Healing Gathering Right click to download MP3 audio 


Duncan O'Finioan and Miranda Kelly: Dénouement

OffPlanet Radio Live-February 27, 2013-Randy Maugans with Duncan O'Finioan, Miranda Kelly, and Joe DiToma 

dénouement - 1: the final outcome of the main dramatic complication in a literary work 2: the outcome of a complex sequence of events.

As this interview indicates, this may be the final live interview ever...the milestones have been passed, the clocks are rolling, and a mission begins the count down. Because "ever" is indefinable, and our time streams are in flux, we choose to term this show the  dénouement...for reasons that can be easily understood. Some of the audience wanted more details. Sorry, those details are part of a script that is still unfolding. The "take away" is that we write our own scripts, and the next page is your's. 

Duncan O'Finioan and Miranda Kelly: Dénouement - Right click to download MP3 audio

Duncan O'Finioan and Miranda Kelly: Dénouement


Barry King: Black and White

Barry King conference call with Duncan O'Finioan and Miranda Kelly, hosted by Randy Maugans of OffPlanet Radio---Recorded June 2, 2012 with assistance from Patrice at Information Machine:

Download Barry King: Black and White

Barry King (UK), a/k/a. THE VOICE, has for 18 years consistently disclosed the information about his childhood as part of a secret intelligence agency project to cultivate and deploy the abilities of children for covert operations; his experiences and observations while working at the Peasmore underground base,  working in alien crash recovery, as well as revealing the existence of the testing facility for 'super machines' at Wiltshire in the UK, disclosures about PROJECT MANNEQUIN. His files are available at:

In early May of 2012, Barry announced he was leaving the disclosure movement largely due to discouragement over the lack of integrity by disclosure figurehead, Dr. Steven Greer. The so-called "disclosure" movement has been slowly eroded by fake disclosures, newer and "glitzier" personalities, and slanted agendas that continue to skew the raw evidence by suppressing data and testimonies. The "truth" is messy and should not be massaged by clever media manipulators for their own gain and personal biases. In a world of "coloring" the truths of disclosure, Barry King remains truly "black and white" in his presentation of these disturbing revelations.
This conversation occurred after an online series of exchanges with Duncan O'Finioan and we agreed to host a conference call where Barry, Duncan, and his partner, Miranda Kelly could meet and exchange ideas and insights. This conversation is the "raw" recording of over 1 1/2 hours over Skype. 
We expect that Barry's testimony will stand on the record as a large contribution to "real" disclosure project which lives outside the hands of controllers and handlers like Steven Greer and other media outlets and that Barry has not yet completed his work, but stepped back to let the dust settle. We are releasing this today on June 9, 2012 in honor of Barry's 60th birthday.



Barry King: Black and White


Dreamtime Healing: Ancient Aboriginal Modalities with Steve Richards-Part 1

Panel discussion with ancient aboriginal healer, Steve Richards.

 Steve Richards Contact Info: or 

P.O.Box 259
Runaway Bay
Qld 4216 
Phone 0412455740

  Panel: Annalie Cummings, Miranda Kelly, Duncan O'Finioan, and Randy Maugans

Topics: healiong trom trauma, DID/PTSD, demonic/spirit influence, substance abuse, apparitions, psychotronic influences. Past life influences, curses,group demonic influence.

Download MP3 Audio Dreamtime Healing: Ancient Aboriginal Modalities with Steve Richards-Part 1 

Full Transcript -Dreamtime Healing-Hour 1-PDF---Left click to save

The State of the World and Us

Right now, Steve says, the kundalini energy of the world is going crazy. This is the cycle we are going through right now and is expected, which is what we have been saying for quite some time.

Certain factions who understand how energy works have been using it to their advantage by treating the world population as a slave race, and have set up systems whereby they can literally harvest the energy of people. More on that in the interview.

You will also learn about dimensions of reality, transmutation, plutonic geometry, the laws of LORE, and energy crystalisation and so much more. This is highly recommended reading and listening for anyone who has experienced trauma of any kind in their lives and is wishing to heal.

One of the amazing things about HK is that it not only works to heal people, but can also be done to heal locations, homes, and even trees and plants, which this beautiful planet, our mother earth and Gaia sorely needs right abut now. More about this here




Annalie Cummings' blog at Artemesia Speaks

Duncan and Miranda at Duncan O'Finioan Blog


Dreamtime Healing: Ancient Aboriginal Modalities with Steve Richards-Part 1


OffPlanet Live-05-09-2012-After Hours with Duncan and Miranda 

OffPlanet Radio Live-May 9, 2012-Hour 3-Duncan O'Finioan and Miranda Kelly with Dave Corso

Download After Hours with Duncan and Miranda 

An extended show hour with Dave Corso, Duncan and Miranda: following the 3-day Survival Training Meeting in Pennsylvania this past weekend. Reminiscing (already)...finding the others, the Super Moon Party, Shamanistic Musicians, secret visitors, miracles....dancing in the moonlight, and all around thanks to our family. Previews of the UPCOMING June Sacramento, CA training .

To request information about upcoming meetings:

 Use the CONTACT link at

Bumper music: "Crash Course" - Randy Maugans



OffPlanet Live-05-09-2012-After Hours with Duncan and Miranda


OffPlanet Live-03-14-2012-After Hours with Duncan and Dave

After Hours: The live March 14, 2012 post show with Duncan O'Finioan, Dave Corso, Randy Maugans

Download OffPlanet Live-03-14-2012-After Hours with Duncan and Dave

Duncan joins us to talk about some events going on including the "Former White Hat" blogger-stooge (see Mr Former White Hat’s Reply to Me and My Final Reply to Him Before He Makes Like a Cow Chip in the Summertime and Blows Away)...'nuff said. The formation of groups of empowered people who will disrupt the status quo...and the upcoming "Survival Training" events.

If you are interested in attending one of the upcoming events, see this page:


Between Worlds-The Duncan and Miranda Tapes-Part 2

OffPlanet Radio-02-25-2012-Randy Maugans, Duncan O'Finioan, Miranda Kelly

O'Finioan's Blog | | Survival Training Seminars

Download Between Worlds-The Duncan and Miranda Tapes-Part 2  Part 1 

The second half ot the interview...again:  no editing, no music, and no production...this is the "raw" feed from the conference call to the recorder.

Part 2 topics include:

(This gets wild!) Aleister Crowley: the Philadelphia Experiment, dark spells; the 1930s time travel mission to stop Crowley; Preston Nicholls and the Eldridge incident (a/k/a-THe Philadelphia Experiment); Montauck, vortexes, and the CERN Hadron Collider...connect the dots here...demons and the underworld ("hell"); Crowley's "soul jump", human sacrifice, and the incarnate Crowley. Blood rituals, Satanic ritual abuse, black projects used to harness power...knowledge and responsibility to stop the abuses; some more answers to reader-listener questions' programming and soul separartion---choices about "sides" of the control grid; the confusion tactics of so-called underground/alternative media; analysis of the current "take down" of the banking system and so-called global financial restructuring; more disclosures about the projects methods and goals and the larger mind control grid on the populace of the planet.

Between Worlds-The Duncan and Miranda Tapes-Part 2


Between Worlds-The Duncan and Miranda Tapes-Part 1

OffPlanet Radio-02-25-2012-Randy Maugans, Duncan O'Finioan, Miranda Kelly

O'Finioan's Blog |

Survival Training Seminars

Download Between Worlds-The Duncan and Miranda Tapes-Part 1

This is the scheduled session with Duncan and Miranda that was promised after the 02-01-2012 live show, where our Skype connections were systematically taken down at a critical point in the interview. It took us a half hour to get a connection to do this talk as one system after another failed, and repeated attempts to connect the call were aborted. We are messed with routinely, and this call is no can hear (and in some cases feel) the interference in the call. Over three hours of conversation are preserved here, with no editing, no music, and no production...this is the "raw" feed from the conference call to the recorder.

Part 1 topics include: the current "shift", DNA changes, the heightening contrasts between "the two worlds"; recovery of memories and overlapping, non-linear time lines; inter-dimensional nano drones, ultimate surveillance and strategies for coping, the upcoming survvival training; The mind control meme, sexual control, Monarch and "real time" gang-stalking...the Bill Wood disclosures as object lessons in the media manipulation of the internet..."love and lighters" turn into "haters"...helping victims to recover from trauma, religious cult recapturing of victims; survivor empowerment; spiritual "overshadowing" and perceptual shifts in the reality stream; protection and spiritual

"Lost Girl" TV series

Between Worlds-The Duncan and Miranda Tapes-Part 1


OffPlanet Live-02-01-2012-O'Finioan-Kelly 

OffPlanet Radio Live on Wolf Spirit Radio-February 1, 2012-Randy Maugans with Miranda Kelly and Duncan O'Finioan, with Callers and Chatters 

Download OffPlanet Live-02-01-2012-O'Finioan-Kelly 

The debut of the live 2 hour (or more...) streaming show. Duncan and Miranda return to discuss: The Camelot "whistleblower", Bill Wood...our take is something less than has been preasented, but affirms the basics of the Bill Wood interviews so far. Miranda breaks out a bit on Nirvana frontman, the late Kurt Cobain, and his own background as a mind control subject, along with Courtney Love; Hank Harrison (Courtney's father), and the interaction of mind control projects with the entertainment industry. Duncan tries to reveal the specifics of the RETURN of Alesiter Crowley to the Earth realm---here the phone calls breaks apart...callers Thomas and the passive-aggressive female disrupter...some heated moments of exchange...all in all a pretty good start...2 hours, 39 minutes of high wire radio-batics. 


Wolf Spirit Radio Home Page

 Smells Like MK ULTRA 


OffPlanet Live-02-01-2012-O'Finioan-Kelly


Miranda's Testimony with Duncan O'Finioan and Miranda Kelly-Part 1

OffPlanet Radio Show Podcast-October 9, 2011-Randy Maugans with Duncan O'Finioan and Miranda Kelly

A Three-part audio interview
Note to those receiving this on iTunes or RSS Readers: Only part one is included in the feed. To hear parts 2 and 3 go to this link:

Following the Project Camelot "Awake and Aware" Conference, where Miranda Kelly stepped forward to give her testimony about her experiences in government black ops projects, we present the the first full-length interview since the event, more new information from both Miranda and Duncan.

This interview ran over three hours, and includes candid questions and revealing answers, new details about the war that is being waged for the human soul...and a story of the triumph of human spirit and love over the mind control of grim secret government projects. Presented in three parts...listen to this...share it...the word needs to get out...Odin returns...THIS is the uprising!

For current news and information from Duncan and Miranda:


Part 1: Testimony- Miranda tells the story of her own discovery of a hidden past, and the person who triggers her memories of a life she lived as another personality under a secret military program.

Download Part 1

 Part 2: Reconnection-The story unfolds, as Duncan and Miranda meet---and so do the alternates. Memories resurface, and two souls begin the healing...and the battle of the ages begins.


Download Part 2

 Part 3: Here and Now...Us and Them...You are Us-The summary of the interview, updated information on the battle of light and darkness...insights into the elites, Odin and the extra-dimensionals, witchcraft and technology, the end of the age, and the call to action.


Download Part 3



Miranda's Testimony-Part 1-Duncan O'Finioan, Miranda Kelly


Duncan O'Finioan: Part 2-"Stormbringer"

Exotica Radio Show Podcast-April 2, 2011-Randy Maugans with Duncan O'Finioan

Download Duncan O'Finioan: Part 2-"Stormbringer"

The second part of the conversation ties together some looses ends from part one with some questions answered, and some comments questioned. We go deep into the structures of the elite families, the inner workings of justice and eforcement when "they" step over the's too late for "them" to change sides; the future battle, the end game...what will it look like, and the choices to be made, the need to PREPARE; spiritual warfare on multiple levels; racism, false internet "insiders", a false peace and prosperity cycle before the big smack down?...we also discuss the Tuscon, AZ shooter Jared Loughner as MKUltra, and Duncan's analysis of the events...and: "read between the lines..."

Duncan, and his partner/body guard, "Axe" will return for another round soon.


The Hopi Prophecies of the Seven Thunders

Tuscon Shooter and the “Randomness Effect” -Exotica Blog

Opening theme: "The Secret" by Glass Tiger
Closing song: "Stormbringer" by Deep Purple 

Duncan O'Finioan: Part 2-"Stormbringer"


Duncan O'Finioan: Dark Mission

Exotica Radio Show Podcast-March 21, 2011-Randy Maugans with Duncan O'Finioan

Download Duncan O'Finioan: Dark Mission

Duncan O'Finioan returns to Exotica in a wide-ranging discussion that begins with the subject of insider "whistleblowers" on the net...we talk about Benjamin Fulford and the "Charles" interview with Bill Ryan at Project Avalon. We move to the subject of the two main elite bloodlines who are warring---and the third group, of which Duncan's godmother is a part; and the events which resulted in Duncan being called before a tribunal and told to choose whom he was going to serve.

Understand that threading together all the connections at the highest levels of global power requires a bit of deftness, which goes into the spiritual realms...the ancient battles over earth and the populace...the bigShiva, Detroyer of Worlds at CERN conCERN...CERN...portal for armies of immortals...the REAL "black awakening"...Shiva, destroyer of worlds...a symbol for one of the bloodline families (an ANCIENT, ancient group)...the "never never"..."Ghostbusters" and the seeding of the occult...the dark mission is revealed, and we discuss some of the roots of this battle for planet Earth. 

This is the first of several shows with Duncan; and his partner, Axe, will join us for a deeper probing of this battle, the storm gathering, and how we can possibly withstand the onslaught.

Closing music:

"Waiting For the End"-Linkin Park


Project Avalon

Benjamin Fulford



Duncan O'Finioan: Dark Mission


Rogue Warrior

Exotica Radio Show-September 3, 2010-Duncan O' Finioan - Project Talent Ultimate Warrior-Interview

Download Exotica-Rogue Warrior with Duncan O'Finioan

“Wilhelm Reich, the psychiatrist who broke away from Freud, he developed an entire psychology around the concept of liberation of energy … from within the person … that was locked up.”-John Rappaport, Journalist

Project Talent was one of hundreds of programs run under the CIA's MKUltra Progam from the 1950s to (allegedly) the 1970s. Targeting young children in both the U.S. and Canada with special, generational abilities; testing and then taking them to secret laboratories where they were physically altered, trained and conditioned; then tortured to produced a "blank" psychopathic alternate personality to be used as a psychic warrior in the battlefields around the planet.

Taken at age six, Duncan was barely a teen when he was deployed into Southeast Asia as part of a group of human weapons, used to psychically destroy the genetically targeted Khmer Rouge under seige conditions. He would continue to be activated for missions involving espionage, military ops, and assassinations...until the "program" suddenly imploded.

Following an automobile "accident", the chip in Duncan's skull was accidentally fried in an MRI machine. The result was a rupture of the partitions of multiple personalities which to this day are emerging---and merging into Duncan O'Finioan's own consciousness. 

Today it is believed that only 20 survivors are still alive of these first generation "Omega" warriors. They live now to tell their story of the brutal abuse of young children, the secret wars conducted by an elite coalition of powerful world leaders, and the plans to unleash an army of psychic, genetically altered super-warriors upon the planet. The soldiers have other expose the plan and topple the "pyramid" of power before the powers-that-would be (and their ET partners) can enslave and harvest humanity. 

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Project Camelot Portal

Conspiracy Theory with Jess Ventura - Duncan O'Finioan


Exotica-Rogue Warrior-Duncan O'Finioan