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 "The day of the absolute is over, and we're in for the strange gods once more." -David Herbert Lawrence

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Rev. Michael Carter: Alien Scriptures

OffPlanet Radio LIVE - November 8, 2013 - Randy Maugans with Rev. Michael J. S. Carter

Michael Carter recalls the "clues", from childhood, of strange nosebleeds and odd experiences that years later, in 1989, would begin to surface as he experienced his first "conscious encounter" with beings who were of extraterrestrial origin. Searching for answers, he found them in a synchronistic encounter in a NYC bookstore, and the some extremely strange street murals. 

Rev. Michael Carter: Alien Scriptures

Hour 1   |  Hour 2 - Right click to download MP3 audio

His own spirituality challenged, he dug deeper into ancient scriptures, especially the HOLY BIBLE, and began de-coding a mystery that explains the hidden secrets behind Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. They mystery of who we are as a race, and the hidden hand of the visitors who have appeared to men as gods, prophets, and angels. 

Rev. Carter, while acknowledging the influence of "negative ETs", also makes the case for benevolents who serve to open up the consciousness of humans and guide them into a new universal consciousness of ONE, through Divine LOVE, intention and openess. We take a wide-ranging 2 hour conversation through the frontiers of ET contact, religious dogma, personal crisis and transformation.

Michael lives in Asheville, SC, and has served as a diversity consultant for The Grove Park Inn, Asheville City School Foundation, and The Asheville Buncombe Institute for Parody Achievement (ABIPA). He is minister for the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the Swanannoa Valley and was also a weekly columnist for the Asheville Citizen Times.

“Alien Scriptures: Extraterrestrials In The Holy Bible”. His book is published by Grave Distractions Publishing Company.

THANKS! To Mark Eddy for assistance in this show.


Rev. Michael Carter: Alien Scriptures


Doc Vega: UFO History and the Dulce Mystery

OffPlanet Radio Live - 07-24-2013- Hour 2: Randy Maugans and Chris Holly with Doc Vega
@RealDocVega - Twitter - UFO Digest

A self-described" traveler through space and time", Doc Vega is a researcher, author, columnist, and TV/radio commentator. A decidedly independent voice, who blends political views with his work in the world of UFOs and paranormal, Doc joins us to discuss the history of UFOs, conspiracy, ETs, andhis own early fascination with the strange things in the skies overhead. 

Doc Vega: UFO History and the Dulce Mystery-Complete Show
  Hour 1 | Hour 2 - Right click to download MP3 audio

Hour 1: We discuss Roswell, the history of UFOs in the early 20th century, the emergence of the National Security State, the media suppression of UFOs and ETs, hypnotic regression, past life insights, and how the government hides its own complicity with ET collaborators.

Hour 2: A "white knuckle ride", as we discuss the dark secrets of the Archuleta Mesa in Dulce, NM; the discovery of a secret underground base; the military shock at their discovery of advanced tech---and its ET operators; genetic experiments; alien-human hybrid projects; the wars inside Dulce, the fate of wo Dulce disclosers,  Phil Schneider and Paul Benewitz; and the secret agenda behind the economic collapse and black government ops.


Doc Vega: UFO History and the Dulce Mystery


Crystal Clark and James Horak: "Threat Assessment II"

OffPlanet Radio Live - 03-20-2013-Randy Maugans with Crystal Clark and James Horak, special guest, Everette Hallford

Crystal Clark:  |

James Horak:

Addresssing the core issues about the real threat to the Earth and mankind: collective cognitive dissonance, apathy, wishful thinking, and mystical concepts like "rapture" and "ascension"; right knowledge and the application; not just concepts but action; we need to stop the elites from their plans for annihilation; ancient knowledge that proves humanity's threat is not from "out there".

The Hostile Alien Thesis and why it does not hold up; a race not surviving their own technological advances; the six extinctions of civilizations; the fifth sun and a time when there was no moon; the origins of human life on earth, the purpose of the moon; 

Crystal Clark and James Horak: "Threat Assessment II"  - Complete 2 hour segment

Part 1 | Part 2 - 1 hour each segments - Right click to download MP3 audio

Previous appearences:

 OffPlanet Live-04-25-2012-Crystal Clark-Sacred Science

Crystal Clark and James Horak: "Threat Assessment II"


OffPlanet Live-03-28-2012-Whitley Strieber-The Communion Enigma

OffPlanet Live-03-28-2012-Hour 1-Randy Mauagans with guest, Whitley Strieber

Whitley Strieber

Download OffPlanet Live-03-28-2012-Whitley Strieber-The Communion Enigma

Aliens and dead people...hybrids and human-like dimension trippers...implants that move to avoid extraction...the strange world of Whitley Strieber...a terror wrapped within a wonder: the enigma.

Whitley Strieber's latest  non-fiction work, "Solving The Communion Enigma" brings his post-communion experiences and observations into a tighter focus and wider perspective. The "enigma" deals with the paranormal events that are woven into the present reality...the lifting, so to speak, of a veil between worlds, dimnensions, and time lines. It is very much a spiritual journey with some very bizzare side effects. 

Whitley, as always, is expansive in spinning the stories that inform the paranormal experience from a deep personal persepctive. He recalls of his own youth spent in a dark government pilot program for intelligent children; the connections to the military from Randolph Air Base to Roswell to Wright-Patterson ...the connecting points between childhood trauma and later encounters with non-human entities with extreme invasions into the body and mind of the subjects.

This conversation reframes the entire spectrum of the paranormal into a marvelous sense of wonder...the sense that humanity is being stretched, pushed, and pulled to evolve beyond our present concepts, outside of our traditional models, and forward towards something that he defines as "divine".

"Solving The Communion Enigma" by Whitley StrieberAvailable at
Other books by Whitley at:
The Unknown Country Book Store 

OffPlanet Live-03-28-2012-Whitley Strieber-The Communion Enigma


Video: Elenin - Signs & Designs with James Horak

Elenin, hidden science, and the living galaxies -The Truth Revealed by James Horak


The video production based on the original OffPlanet Radio Show Podcast-July 21, 2011-Randy Maugans with James Horak. Our thanks to: Patrice at Information Machine for arranging and producing the interview, to Torz Baron Copely for the EMVSInfo website, and to OmetaOne ("Shuny") for the audio post-production and video production on James' behalf. 

Transcript: "Elenin - Signs and Designs with James Horak " -PDF


Elenin - Signs and Designs with James Horak 

OffPlanet Radio Show Podcast-July 21, 2011-Randy Maugans with James Horak 


Download Elenin - Signs and Designs with James Horak 

Updated-August 27, 2011-Transcript: "Elenin - Signs and Designs with James Horak " -PDF

In the short period since December 10, 2010, when an amateur Russian astronomer named Leonoid Elenin staked out the body known as C/2010 XI, designated as a comet; it has taken on near mythological proportions on the internet. "Comet" Elenin has been the source of much apocalyptic speculation, theorizing, and posturing from new age prognosticators and conspiracy theorists, to semi-famous scientists...and even the famous NASA "buzz rooms" where science is trumped by hubris. It seemed time to inject a bit of wisdom into the an "offplanet" way, and to that end James Horak returns.

To understand Elenin, we need to understand the mechanics of the galxies from the perspective of intelligent design and guidance. Previously, James has presented on the EMVs...intelligent, spiritual extraterrestrial "managers of energy" in the solar system---a discoverey revealed by Dr. Norman Bergrun, of the Ames Space Center, in the 1986 book, "The Ringmakers of Saturn."

In recent months, several pundits have advanced speculation that Elenin is not a comet, due to changes in course and velocity, which are uncharacteristic of a natural interplanetary object. Moreover, it has been noted that it now appears that Elenin is not a single object, but a host for a  "swarm" of other objects.

NASA (Never A Straight Answer) has glibly declined to commit to the status of the object...the internet rumor mill is vibrant...WHAT is Elenin? We offer a view not popular with the status quo of science, and one that strikes some intriguing questions...about Elenin, humanity, and the masters of control on Planet Earth. 

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Off Planet Radio- June 13, 2011-Designers of the Solar System with James Horak

The Ringmakers of Saturn-website of record for Dr. Norman Bergrun

OmetaOne's Channel at YouTube (James Horak videos are hosted there)



Our thanks to: Patrice at Information Machine for arranging and producing the interview, to Torz Baron Copely for the EMVSInfo website, and to OmetaOne ("Shuny") for the audio post-production and video production on James' behalf. 

OffPlanet Radio-08-08-2011-Elenin - Signs and Designs with James Horak


Designers of the Solar System with James Horak

OffPlanet Radio Show Podcast-June 13, 2011-Randy Maugans with James C. Horak

Download Designers of the Solar System with James Horak

Researcher, contactee, enemy of the NWO, and expounder of the "EMVs - Designers of the Solar System"... James Horak joins us for an off planet romp into the unknown, and often unspoken realms of cosmology: EMVs, electromagnetic vehicles...seen in the corona of the sun and in the rings of Saturn. 

Following the work of Dr. Norman Bergrun, a former Fellow of the Ames Space Center and the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, and his book, "The Ringmakers of Saturn"; James Horath unfolds a story of the fantastic beings who "manage" the energy interchanges of the solar system and galaxies. 

A childhood contactee by the greys, whom he terms as EBEs (extra-biological entities...essentially robotic "meat puppets" which are non-sentient creations of a long transcended civilization), James makes the distinctions between these entities and the numerous sentient, and peaceful, ETs who are in close contact and proximity to the Earth. 

He discusses the suppressed scientific and spiritual nature of the universe, why humans on this planet have been deliberately lied to, subverted, and enslaved on every level by evil controllers whose only goal is to reduce the population of the planet and enslave totally...mind, body, and soul...this race who are creations of a Divine God. A creation with a spectacular destiny, and one that is emerging even now, against all odds...even in the face of annihilation. He warns of the impending "ET" deception to be foisted on the planetary peoples by this same corrupt power structure, and how it may be used to create the final stage takeover of Earth, its assets, and inhabitants. Controversial...decidely "against the grain", and steeped in the wisdom of one who has "been there"...listen and decide for yourself!

Related links:

The Ringmakers of Saturn-website of record for Dr. Norman Bergrun

OmetaOne's Channel at YouTube (James Horak videos are hosted there)

The music for this show is from Jimi Hendrix, a kindred spirit and traveler who "saw"... 

"There are other people in the solar system, you know, and they have the same feelings too, not necessarily bad feelings, but see, it upsets their way of living for instance - and they are a whole lot heavier than we are. And it's no war games, because they all keep the same place. But like the solar system is going through a change soon and it's going to affect the Earth in about 30 years." -Jimi Hendrix, 

Our thanks to: Patrice at Information Machine for arranging the interview, to Torz Baron Copely for the EMVSInfo website, and to OmetaOne ("Shuny") for the video production on James' behalf. 



Designers of the Solar System with James Horak


Stan Romanek: "Answers"

Exotica Radio Show Podcast-March 15, 2011-Randy Maugans with Stan Romanek

Download Stan Romanek: "Answers"


Interviewed by Larry King, discussed on Letterman, his "alien in the window" video seen by throngs on the web...Stan Romanek spends an hour discussing his experiences, no holds barred..

We caught up with Stan on the heels of a standing ovation talk at the International UFO Conference in Phoenix, as he recaps his history as a contactee/abductee, dscusses the back story to the famous "Romanek Equations", quantum physics, military psy-ops, memories aboard the craft, the hypnotic regression sessions, and the story of the "star children" which result from his abductions...and more jaw-dropping revelations.
The book, "Messages"  at  Amazon

Bumper music:
"The Requiem" - Linkin Park
"Alien Afternoon" - Genesis

Stan Romanek: "Answers"


Stream Wars Video interview-Randy Maugans

Video-Stream Wars TV Show with James Lloyd-Guest Randy Maugans, Exotica-"ETs"-Part 1  


I talk with James Lloyd on the "Stream Wars" program about the Exotica show, UFOs, ETs, abductions, and government cover-ups.  The interview opens with me talking about the Duncan O'Finioan super soldier show.

Stream Wars from Randy Maugans on Vimeo.

Download this video