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 "The day of the absolute is over, and we're in for the strange gods once more." -David Herbert Lawrence

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OffPlanet Radio Live-09-26-2012-Nick Redfern

OffPlanet Radio Live-September 26, 2012-Randy Maugans with Nick Redfern

 Nick Redfern - click to Play, Right-click to download MP3

Author, researcher, and free-lance journalist, Nick Redfern stops by for an intriguing session that takes a wide scope view of all things paranormal and weird. From the Sex Pistols to Sasquatch, Nick examines the landscapes of human interaction with its environments with objectivity, irreverance, and a lively sense of adventure. We go into the current state of UFO sitings, human consciouness and interaction with beings like the Yeti, faeries, ghosts, and extraterrestrials. Why the evolution of UFO sitings at various stages of time?...ancient archetypes contrasted with myths, legends, and apparitions...the energies of portals and dark forests...dimensional shifts and perceptions that defy logic.

Nick's newest book, "The World's Weirdest Places" is just now out and available at booksellers worldwide.

Nick previously appeared on our Exotica show in October 2010: Final Events with Nick Redfern

OffPlanet Radio Live-09-26-2012-Nick Redfern


Mothman Speaks with Andy Colvin

Exotica Radio Show Podcast-March 8, 2011-Randy Maugans with Andrew Colvin


Download Mothman Speaks with Andy Colvin

Old red eyes is back.
No, not Andy Colvin...the Mothman. The legendary guru-da...creature of dark omens, and legend of Point Pleasant West Virginia. We talk with author/photographer/film maker, Andrew Colvin about all things synchronistic and random...this is an extended podcast-only version of the interview.
Andy Colvin shares his personal story of the Mothman Prophecy: a vision of the 9-11 World Trade Center a child in 1967 with his friends in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. What the Mothman represents in a world of synchronicity---an organizing principle that defines the Fortean phenomena around us. 
Conspiracy talk, UFOs, John Keel, the military-industrial complex, the mysterious Indrid Cold and some insights into a creative aspects of the  paranormal. Random...synchronistic...and exotic.
Article: "11:11 Strikes Again"  - includes an interesting story about Austin singer-songwriter, Daniel Johnson, as discussed in the show.
See also: John Keel, Mothman
Bumper music:
"Butterfly Bomber" by Black King Acid
"Eyes of A Stranger" by Queensryche
"Broken" by Gavin Clark from "The X Files-I Want To Believe"

Mothman Speaks with Andy Colvin