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 "The day of the absolute is over, and we're in for the strange gods once more." -David Herbert Lawrence

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Joe Di Toma: The Cult of the Black Sun

OffPlanet Radio Live-February 27, 2013-Randy Maugans with Joe DiToma The Cult of the Black Sun by Joe Di Toma (Amazon)

The Cult of the Black Sun (Amazon)
Joe Di Toma on Facebook

Author and researcher, Joe Di Toma shares his lifelong "wake up" experiences from the time of his father's premature death, when he was 10 years old, to the massive contradictions and anomalies of  September 11. 2001. His journey lead him to pen "The Cult of the Black Sun", a fiction novel that spins out the many levels of deception and manipulation which sprung from the Nazi take-over of the UNITED STATES' military-industrial complex after World War II. The book is a motherlode of connecting threads that reveal not just the human elements of the New World Order, but the Satanic rites that are engineered by off world beings called the Archons.

Joe Di Toma: The Cult of the Black Sun - Right click to download MP3 audio

Joe Di Toma: The Cult of the Black Sun


OffPlanet Live-03-07-2012-Hour 2-Nazi Psy-Ops with Joseph Farrell

OffPlanet Live-02-29-2012-Hour 1-Randy Maugans with Dr. Joseph P. Farrell

Dr. Joseph P. Farrell -Giza Death Star Joseph P. Farrell


Download OffPlanet Live-03-07-2012-Hour 2-Nazi Psy-Ops with Joseph Farrell

Nazi Psy-Ops

Hour 2- Joseph P. Farrell picks up a narrative that has threaded through his research into the Nazi International---the hidden, surviving power structure that successfully transitioned from WWII into the present global security state: the transfer of both scientific and occult technology; the hidden financing of Hitler and the Third Reich; the quest to locate and develop exotic weapons based on ancient technologies and the "dark physics" of prior ages; the financial planning and transition to "peace time" banking structures that ensured the survival of the Nazi projects; the complicity of western banking, industrial, and scientific powers to continue these secret projects even into the present time; the creation of the cold war with Russia, the linkages to Roswell, mind control projects like Artichoke and MKUltra, "alien" abductions and the burgeoning new age apocalyptic millieu of death and destruction vs. "salvation" and utopia by off world beings...the dialectic of the theater that has gripped humanity in an elaborate ruse.

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Available from Amazon 

OffPlanet Live-02-29-2012-Hour 2-Randy Maugans with Dr. Joseph P. Farrell