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 "The day of the absolute is over, and we're in for the strange gods once more." -David Herbert Lawrence

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OffPlanet Radio Report: Chemtrails and ? Paranormal

OffPlanet Radio Report - 03-30-2014 with Randy Maugans and Chris Holly

OffPlanet Radio Report: Chemtrails and ? Paranormal(Complete 1h 11m 15s) -  Right click to download MP3 audio


Chris Holly reports on her latest siting of an aerosol-belching plane over Long Island, NY, which appears to have cloaked in mid-air! The general population worldwide seems neither aware or concerned about the most lethal war on the planet. A war that is "terraforming" our skies and our biology. We speculate on the agenda what it means if left unchecked. Article by Chris Holly

Randy Maugans asks some pointed questions about the research and publishing on the broad topic of the "paranormal".

paranormal |ˌparəˈnôrməl|


denoting events or phenomena such as telekinesis or clairvoyance that are beyond the scope of normal scientific understanding: a mystic who can prove he has paranormal powers | (as noun the paranormal) : an investigator of the paranormal

It seems the definiton is both out-dated and untrue: Modern quantum physics, specifically, the non-locality principle and quantum entanglement,  affirms the substance of much of what we call the paranormal. It was documented by Bell’s Theorem, published by John Bell in 1964, and the subsequent practical experiments by John Clauser and Stuart Freedman in 1972 and by Alain Aspect in 1982. Einstein called the phenomenon "spooky actions at a distance"---and was freaked out by the implications that he distanced himself from his work. 

Are the so-called "6th sense(s)" part of the human's "original equipment", that has been shut down through either evolution or by conquering civilizations. Are we now rediscovering these senses as the stakes of survival ramp up? ESP, clairvoyance, psychokinesis..."remote viewing"...skills that could change the power structure on the planet.

Check out the NBC TV series, "Believe" (from "Fringe" producer J.J. Abrams:

"Levitation, telekinesis, the ability to control nature, see the future... since she was born, Bo (Johnny Sequoyah) has had gifts she could neither fully understand nor control. But now that she is 10 years old, her powers have become stronger and the threat from malevolent forces that would use her abilities to control the world has grown more dangerous..."

MKULTRA, the Remote Viewing Experiments at Stanford Research Institute...hundreds of black ops programs are the PROOF that our extra-sensory skills are indeed a prize.


 Closing music: "What Planet Are We On" by Five Star Fall  - Magnatune

Automatic Ordinary by Five Star Fall


OffPlanet Radio Report: Chemtrails and ? Paranormal


Joshua McCoy: The World of D'Jinn

OffPlanet Radio Live - November 29, 2013 - Randy Maugans with Joshua McCoy

DISCLAIMER: When I first spoke with Joshua McCoy, he presented some fascinating data regarding the D'Jinn and tie-ins to the paranormal experience. This interview was a bit disorienting, as much of that data was obscured by McCoy's proselitizing of Islam and his religious belliefs. There are nuggets here for researchers who can seperate facts from dogma. I do NOT agree with many of the conclusions presented here. -Randy Maugans

Joshua McCoy: The World of D'Jinn  - Right click to download MP3 audio

Joshua's Testimony:

My name is Joshua McCoy, and I am a retired combat vet of the U.S. army. I served proudly, and with honor. I have had 34 years of life experience of having a natural curiosity towards the mystery of things. I have looked into a vast majority of multi cultural, and scientific explanations in regards to these matters. It really picked up again approximately around 2009-2010 when I had watched a movie called “The Fourth Kind”.

This movie blew my mind, and opened a new door for me in my curiosity wich led to researching the Ancient Alien phenomenon. It was around this same time a t.v. show was introduced calledAncient Aliens

This show was very amazing to me due to the scientific aproach to explaining some of the worlds greatest mysteries. This program used references to just about any, and all cultures, and beliefs from ancient Sumeria, to Christianity, to even include Nordic, and Hindu lore. I had found startling evidence that lead to some truth but things still didn’t add up.

This is where my life changed. I had always felt that there was more out there, and that there was more to our history, and reality than what has been taught. I just had a gut feeling. So not being a religious person in anyway I said a type of Abrahamic prayer in a way by accident, or by guidance. It went something like this:

I began by saying that I always had a feeling there was signs of truth to what I was studying, but I had gone as far as I could go, and said that I was stuck, and needed guidance.I then directed my prayer saying whoever is out there, and is the biggest, the most high to guide me to the truth, and guidance.

Later that night as I was continuing my own research into the mystery schools, and ancient religions that I asked myself which one have I not looked into. For some reason The Quran popped into my head for the first time. I have to say I was blown away at the explanations they produced, and was also astonish at the lack of insight, and knowledge of these things outside of the middle east.

I will try to give a brief example of such. Lets take ghost for example. In the Quran it is explained that there are 3 types of intelligent life in the universe. The universe as we know it was created, and started by sound vibrations. These vibrations vibrated at a rate that produced light, and from that light energy life forms called angels. Next another intelligent life form was produced from a smokeless fire (Plasma energy) the Djinn. And finally when the universe started to cool a carbon based life form: humans. Each human is born with a Djinn inside.

We know today our body contains a certain amount of electricity that could be measured or conveyed to be just like a battery. Apparently they are tied into our make up as a human, and are a huge part of the interaction of one side of our brain that is imaginative. We are constantly going back and forth from the imaginative side of our brain, and the cognitive truthful side. This struggle is what is referred to as Jihad,  despite what is taught in mainstream.


Joshua McCoy: The World of D'Jinn


Scary Stories and Wild Tales: The Paranormal Roundtable

OffPlanet Radio LIVE - October 25, 2013 - Randy Maugans and Chris Holly with Richard Palmisano, Alex Rondini, and Steve Genier

Richard Palmisano, THE SEARCHER GROUP:

Alex Rondini, Steve Genier, Nocturnal Frequency Radio:

For the Halloween season we decided to bring back three of our favorite Canadian paranormal investigators for a roundtable discussion on the wild, wierd, and, sometimes, terrifying exploits behind the scenes of hauntings and dfisincarnate spirits. this extended edition of OPR LIVE features insider accounts of on site investigations, the methods, tools, and mind sets of "boots-on-the-ground" interventions. Hour two features scary stories from each of the guests and hosts. It's Halloween...the veil is thin...relax, and enjoy some seasonal stories and humor.

 Scary Stories and Wild Tales: The Paranormal Roundtable

Hour 1   |  Hour 2 - Right click to download MP3 audio


 Richard Palmisano: Extreme Paranormal - OffPlanet Radio Live - 08-014-2013- Chris Holly and Randy Maugans 

Steve Genier of Nocturnal Frequency Radio - OffPlanet Radio Live - 06-05-2013- Randy Maugans and Chris Holly 

Scary Stories and Wild Tales: The Paranormal Roundtable


Brad Steiger: Unified Paranormal Field Theories

OffPlanet Radio LIVE - October 25, 2013 - Randy Maugans and Chris Holly with Randy Maugans and Chris Holly with Brad Steiger

Legendary author, Brad Steiger, joins us for an amazing conversation about his 56-yearwriting career, spanning 180 titles, thousands of articles, a newpaper column    , written under his own byline, and with his wife, Sherry Hansen Steiger. The Steigers continue to research, document, and expand the outer boundaries of our known existence, from the strange to the spiritual; from the paranormal to the world of animal beings.

A true trailblazer, Brad wrote about subjects like reincarnation, non-traditional spirituality, and UFOs long before these subjects were acceptable. His 1973 "The Divine Fire" was at the forefront of the emerging spirituality of the late 60s and early 70s, along with Jane Roberts' "Seth Materials" (for which he wrote a foreward).  In this interview we discuss the current work, "Real Encounters, Different Dimensions and Otherworldly Beings" and the quest to tie together the diverse phenomena of human consciousness.

Brad Steiger: Unified Paranormal Field Theories - Right click to download MP3 audio

"Real Encounters, Different Dimensions and Otherworldly Beings"
by Brad Steiger and Sherry Hansen Steiger at Amazon 
Amazon's Brad Steiger Page


“Real Encounters, Different Dimensions, and Otherworldly Beings”  - Book Review by Randy Maugans

Brad Steiger: Unified Paranormal Field Theories


Lon Strickler: Realms of the Non-human

OffPlanet Radio Live-09-11-2013: Randy Maugans and Chris Holly with Lon Strickler |

Paranormal and spiritual researcher/investigator, Lon Strickler joins us for a tour of the landscape of supernatural beings and hidden realms. Lon's early work in paranormal activity at historical sites around the east coast are informed by his early bent towards phenomena, his own intuitive giftings, and his own encounter with a Bigfoot in a Maryland river while fishing. He takes us into bigfoot, "shadow people", cryptids, demons, poltergeists, UFO abductions, and an in-depth understanding of the angelic realms.


Lon Strickler: Realms of the Non-human   
Hour 1 | Hour 2 - Right click to download MP3 audio

Lon Strickler: Realms of the Non-human


Richard Palmisano: Extreme Paranormal

OffPlanet Radio Live - 08-014-2013- Chris Holly and Randy Maugans with Richard Palmisano, The Searcher Group

Join us as we hear gripping tales from the case books of real paranormal investigators: shadow people, entities, hauntings, the most touching "ghost story"...and the most terrifying. The inside view of one of the most experienced researchers in Noth America: 

Richard Palmisano: Extreme Paranormal

 Hour 1 | Hour 2 - Right click to download MP3 audio

Formed in 1979, The Searcher Group is a team of dedicated people who are extremely active in the study of parapsychology and work towards re-enforcing its positive impact on the rich history of our nation, with a specific focus on Ontario, CA. The people and events within our historical past have wonderful stories to share and important lessons to teach us.  Through their research and investigations they attempt to gain a glimpse into the human condition, the personal events from those lives past and the mark they have left behind.The Searcher Group provides information on research and investigative methods to individuals and investigative groups around the globe.

Richard Palmisano is the Director of The Searcher Group, a paranormal investigator and theorist,  as well as author of several books on the subject matter. Richard has been investigating the paranormal since 1979, and formed two companies which are dedicated to the study and advancement of paranormal research. The Searcher Group being the first and is the backbone of his research. The second company The Canadian Institute of Parapsychology is community based and provides education and public assistance. Richard has written several books on the subject and his work has been featured in television shows such as Northern Mysteries and Discovery Channel’s 'A Haunting".Richard has worked in law enforcement, security and surveillance for over 30 years and is a trained investigator. 


Richard Palmisano: Extreme Paranormal


Jeff Danelek: UFOs and the Paranormal

OffPlanet Radio Live - 07-24-2013- Hour 1: Randy Maugans and Chris Holly with J. Allan (Jeff) Danelek

Author, researcher, and graphic artist, Jeff Danelek talks about his own, admittedly skeptical, views on UFOs, the Roswell incident, abductions, and various paranormal topics. Jeff recalls his own paranormal experience of seeing orbs in the sky at a Stan Romanek talk in 2008, and why he maintains a degree of doubt while still embracing the concepts of extraterrestrials and advanced craft from off world civilizations. 

Jeff Danelek: UFOs and the Paranormal Right click to download MP3 audio 

Related:  Stan Romanek: "Answers" » Interview - March 15, 2011-Randy Maugans

Amazon Books Jeff Danelek is the author of the book, "The UFOs: The Great Debate"
Llewellyn Publications
(December 8, 2008)

Jeff Danalek: UFOs and the Paranormal


Steve Genier of Nocturnal Frequency Radio

OffPlanet Radio Live - 06-05-2013- Randy Maugans and Chris Holly with Steve Genier

Steve Genier joins Chris Holly and Randy Maugans for a journey into the world of paranormal investigations. Steve, with his co-host,  Alex Rondini, host the log-running Nocturnal Frequency Radio show on BlogTalk Radio. We discuss Steve's own experiences, current cases, and the pitfalls of the world of paranormal investigation. Much like the current state of UFOlogy, the various factions within the paranormal comunity:, paranormalists are divided, disparate, and plagued with charlatans, and gainseekers---along with the genuine, devoted students of all things strange and unexplained.

 Steve Genier of Nocturnal Frequency Radio

Hour 1 | Hour 2 - Right click to download MP3 audio

Steve is also the founder of the Southern Ontario Paranormal Society (S.O.P.S.), which he formed in 2005 as a non-profit organization to research and investigate paranormal activity and it's various aspects. SOPS have traveled throughout Ontario and US in their research and investigations.

Steve Genier of Nocturnal Frequency Radio


Kate Valentine: The Radio Files

OffPlanet Radio Live - 05-29-2013- Randy Maugans and Chris Holly with Kate Valentine

Chris Holly:

Kate Valentine:

Veteran radio talk show host and UFOlogist, Kate Valentine joins us for a wide-ranging discussion of the UFO phenomena, paranormal, and the culture-at-large from our own "radio files". Kate hosts a popular program, "Kate Valentine's UFO Show" over terrestrial radio at WVNJ AM 1160 Fri­days from 1PM - 2PM — New York Time and rebroad­cast  on Sun­days at 4PM, and reaches a significant audience on the nothern US Atlantic coastal region of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, as well as being heard in the UK.

 Kate Valentine: The Radio Files 
Hour 1 | Hour 2 - Right click to download MP3 audio

A major­ity of peo­ple in the U.S. believe we are not alone in the uni­verse, with almost as many believ­ing that the gov­ern­ment is keep­ing infor­ma­tion regard­ing extrater­res­tri­als secret. And more peo­ple the world over are demand­ing full dis­clo­sure from their own gov­ern­ments regard­ing aliens and UFO‘s. Now lis­ten­ers can hear what Kate and her expert guests have to say on these top­ics and more on the Kate Valen­tine UFO Show.


Kate Valentine: The Radio Files


Chris Carter: Science and the Afterlife

OffPlanet Radio Live - 05-01-2013- Hour 2: Randy Maugans with Chris Carter

Oxford educated author and researcher, Chris Carter, returns to discuss the the third volume of his trilogy, which contends for a truly scientific affirmation of life beyond the material world and, not just the survival of consciousness, but its pre-existence. Carter's work informs, expands, and enlightens the discerning inquirer, while also taking on the vocal minority skeptics/cynics of CSI (Committee for Skeptical Inquiry, formely known as CSICOP), who have hidden behind the scientific banner while failing to produce one object work of reearch. At the end of the conversation, these so-called "skeptics" are merely atheists and secular humanists with a deep bias and little investigative depth. 

OffPlanet Radio Live - 05-01-2013- Hour 2: Chris Carter: Science and the Afterlife -Right click to download MP3 audio

Previous appearance:
Chris Carter-God Plays Dice: The Science of Uncertanty - OffPlanet Radio on August 19, 2012

Chris Carter: Science and the Afterlife


Tony Topping: Paranormal Espionage

OffPlanet Radio Live - 04-17-2013-Randy Maugans with Tony Topping

Since the age of two Tony Topping has been subjected to extreme paranormal experiences: had his first real UFO encounter in 1992 , which escalated in 1996 upon returning from London to his town of Selby. In 1996 he began to have encounters with UFOs over his house, and from May 1999 until November 1999 he repeatedly filmed  a UFO coming in over his house and appearing on numerous occasions. These events brought him  to the attention of a covert group of people in the intelligence services, who engaged Tony over a number of years with  in a campaign of covert harassment designed to keep him quiet and to test mind invasive weaponry upon him. 

 Tony Topping: Paranormal Espionage 

Hour 1 | Hour 2 - Right click to download MP3 audio

In 2001 the attack upon Tony with non lethal mind invasive technology was so brutal that he thought he would die from it. Being followed and filmed by unmarked helicopters was a common occurrence including the incident involving an unmarked AS555 helicopter, as well as being followed by covert agents and receiving anonymous text messages & emails from so called government people regarding disclosure of the UFO situation & the 7/7 London terrorist bombing.

Tony has filmed on numerous occasions UFOs and has also been mysteriously attacked by a foo fighter UFO on two occasions. This prompted Tony to look into areas of research like the UFO Air War and also Antarctica connections to UFOs.  He has a successful YouTube channel called TONYOPSUFO which has fascinating clips of UFOs he has filmed plus very interesting and unique interviews from people who have been involved with UFO encounters. Tony takes an armchair interest in intelligence matters, his knowledge of the UFO subject is vast, because of his extreme paranormal experiences, and he is a student and specialist in the area of Paranormal Espionage, a subject still considered top secret, to this day. It is with his understanding of espionage and psychic ability that he began to unlock the doors to understanding his experiences and the national security issues faced in the current climate regarding the UFO situation.

Tony has seen many changes in his life because of these experiences he is man who describes himself as being in a situation he did not understand, to which he sought answers for, he is wishing to write his book “The Specialist” and makes no apology for what he has witnessed behind the UFO objects, people not of this world, and not even of this dimension. For this he has paid a price.

Tony Topping: Paranormal Espionage


Chris Holly and Mack Maloney: UFO Perspectives

OffPlanet Radio Live - March 13, 2013 - Randy Maugans with Chris Holly and Mack Maloney

Chris Holly: 
Mack Maloney:

Chris Holly and Mack Maloney are both investigators into UFO phenomena---from very different perspectives. Chris has long been documenting the paranormal from her own experiences, going back to childhood; as well her field investigations of real people who have had encounters with craft and the shadowy entities behind abductions, strange encounters, and terrifying effects. Her work is singular in its journalistic integrity and sensitivity to her sources' personal disclosures.

Mack Maloney is an author of over 40 fictional books, mostly on military history. His 2010 book, "UFOs In War Time" marked his foray into non-fiction, and the world of UFO investigation. His forthcoming book, "Beyond Area 51",  takes him further into the world of UFOs, with a deep excursion into places around the planet where high level UFO activity occurs, notably the bases and remote enclaves where strange phenomena intersect with military activity. In this interview, Mack shares some of the surprising new realities that he is still reckoning as he shifts his own perspectives.

Chris Holly and Mack Maloney: UFO Perspectives - Right click to download MP3 audio

See also: 
The voice of Russia article: M-Triangle secrets expect to be revealed

 Real Timers: Warnings of Those Taken ...with Chris Holly


Hugh Traulsen: Synchro-mystic Encounters

Interview with Hugh Traulsen - 02-09-2013
Hugh Traulsen-Dr. Edward Moloney-Full interview (2hr.)
Hour 1 | Hour 2 - Right click to save MP3 audio
Although he is now older, disabled, and widowed, Hugh Traulsen is alert, aware, and enthusiatic about life...his of strange intersecting mysteries, odd synchronicities, and encounters with wealth, fame, and the paranormal. Born into a wealthy family in the mid 1940s, as the son of  refrigeration industrialist, Harry Traulesen and his super-model wife, who not only was featured in national ad campaigns like Ipana Toothpaste, but was used as the model for images of the Virgin Mary inside the chapel at Marist College in Poughkeepsie, NY. Hugh was an admitted "silver spooner" who, after graduation in the 1960s, went west to "get his kicks on Route 66."
Hugh's life: A synchro-mystic collage --->Click to enlargePart 1: In this interview, Hugh relates his strange encounter with a triangular UFO while working security at the Union Carbide Headquarters in Danbury, CT in the 1980s...the same period as the famous "Hudson Valley UFO Flap"; he also observed the very strange gargoyles inside the UC bulidngs, and an event where, he believes, a portal was opened and a live gargoyle mainfested, crashing through a glass ceiling; and the overall "creepy" aspects of the upper NY valley and Connecticut.
His part in a whistleblower operation by Wall Street Journal writer, Jonathan Kwitny, which exposed (WSJ, April 23, 1983) a massive loan underwriting scheme run by Paul Saenz, who operated the loan brokering network wth Virginia Brown, the daughter of Congressman, Jim Wright (D-TX)---who, in 1986, became Speaker of The House until he was deposed in 1988 after a series of corruption charges. Wright was also a pivotal figure in what became the S&L failures of the 1980...the first cycle of failures in the banking system.
He also discusses his own near-death experience, and the awakening to his own experiences as a pattern for his own path in later life...and the patterns, large and small, which continue to unfold.
Dr. Edward Moloney

Documents below authenticating the 1983 whistleblower activity:

PDF- Traulsen-WSJ04271983.pdf

PDF- Traulsen-Correspondence-1983.pdf

PDF- Traulsen-Union Carbide-PFD 

PDF-  Hugh Traulsen - References and Correspondence - Added 04-21-2013

Right click to save PDF files

Hugh Traulsen: 
Part 2 with Dr. Edward Moloney on the "Law of Attraction", life coaching, and business opportunities, Talkfusion.



Hugh Traulsen: Synchro-mystic Encounters


Betsey Lewis: Angels, Aliens, and Prophecy-The Connection

OffPlanet Radio Live-February 6, 2013-Randy Maugans with Betsey Lewis

Betsey Lewis: Angels, Aliens, and Prophecy-The Connection

Hour 1 | Hour 2 - Right click to download audio

 At the age of 8 months Bestey Lewis and her parents had an encounter on a dark road in Idaho which included missing time and many strange memory fragments. Along the way through childhood she had several other experiences, and felt distinctly different from most children. 

In 1982, Betsey and her mother were regressed through hypnosis by renowned MUFON investigator
and author Ann Druffel (The Tujunga Canyon Contacts) back to their first UFO encounter in 1950
and uncovered a greater mystery—two hours of missing time and an alien abduction. She later
learned her dreams of future cataclysmic earth changes and “The Event” was given to her by the
same abducting aliens/celestial beings.


for the last 40 years, Betsey has investigated the paranormal: UFO sightings, cattle mutilations, angels, aliens, and synchronistic phenomena in the events of the news She is a Reiki practitioner, Kriya yoga instructor, and numerologist; and has spent many years with the Native American tribes of North America experiencing their spiritual practices. Since 2008 she has hosted the Blog Talk Radio show, Rainbow Vision Network, as well as nuimerous media and speaking appearences.



Betsey Lewis: Angels, Aliens, and Prophecy-The Connection


OffPlanet Radio Live-01-16-2013-Chris Holly: Paranormal World Report

OffPlanet Radio Live-January 16, 2013-Randy Maugans with Chris Holly

Chris Holly's Paranormal World

Chris Holly: Paranormal World Report-Complete

Part 1 Part 2 -Right-click to download MP3 audios

Chris Holly is one of the few true journalists working in the field of paranormal reporting. Writing from her blogs, and also as a regular contributor to UFO Digest; and as the author of three books, she reports on the state of the paranorma: UFOs, abductions, ghosts, and spectral entities, real life/real time events that impact real people. Her insights and perceptions are borne out of her own personal experiences from an early age.

She joins us to present some of the most important stories of 2012, and where we are headed in 2013. Beginning wit the monstrous storm called "Sandy", which hit Chris' home on Long Island, NY, we go through a wide range of topics: 

The oddities of Sandy and the strange sounds of trumpets and screaming voices; the electrical energies,  the spiritual and physical impacts of Hurricane Sandy and the very strange links to the Sandy Hook school shootings; the state of paranormal reporting and how genuine researchers are suppressed, the vacuum of a professional group to handle sitings and abductions; the co-opting of MUFON by Robert Bigelow and Bigelow Aerospace (see Sold Out Twice:The MUFON Di$closure Project) and the complicity of MUFON in marginalizing UFO experiencers. 2012---we've been IN it for a number of years; Chem Trails, HAARP, and manipulation of weather; HAARP as a possible protective technology? 9-11 and exotic technologies; this is a war of technologies!

Orbs, the newest UFO phenomenon, being reported over New York City: UFOS, or USOs (unidentified submersible objects) (Google: UFOS and Long Island) (we lose the phone lines at this point); Earth and solar changes, the effects of the electronic media on human brain functions and attention spans; breaking down of human communication, the altering of humans by tech. Updates on the Real Time Abductees (see Real Timers: Warnings of Those Taken ...with Chris Holly); effects of hypnosis for memory retrieval on traumatized abductees; possible motives behind abductions; the last 18 months are the end of real UFO/Abduction research, as sites close down and the UFO realm becomes "entertainment"...many more subtle themes riff through this interview...go read Chris Holly's Paranormal World, and the work of a REAL investigator.

OffPlanet Radio Live-01-16-2013-Chris Holly: Paranormal World Report


OffPlanet Radio Live-09-26-2012-Nick Redfern

OffPlanet Radio Live-September 26, 2012-Randy Maugans with Nick Redfern

 Nick Redfern - click to Play, Right-click to download MP3

Author, researcher, and free-lance journalist, Nick Redfern stops by for an intriguing session that takes a wide scope view of all things paranormal and weird. From the Sex Pistols to Sasquatch, Nick examines the landscapes of human interaction with its environments with objectivity, irreverance, and a lively sense of adventure. We go into the current state of UFO sitings, human consciouness and interaction with beings like the Yeti, faeries, ghosts, and extraterrestrials. Why the evolution of UFO sitings at various stages of time?...ancient archetypes contrasted with myths, legends, and apparitions...the energies of portals and dark forests...dimensional shifts and perceptions that defy logic.

Nick's newest book, "The World's Weirdest Places" is just now out and available at booksellers worldwide.

Nick previously appeared on our Exotica show in October 2010: Final Events with Nick Redfern

OffPlanet Radio Live-09-26-2012-Nick Redfern


Chris Carter-God Plays Dice: The Science of Uncertanty

OffPlanet Radio-Private Sessions: Chris Carter-"Science and Psychic Phenomena-The Fall of the House of Skeptics"

Download Chris Carter-God Plays Dice: The Science of Uncertanty - Left click to download MP3 audio

We caught up with author, researcher, and scholar, Chris Carter, for a sit down talk about his 2007 book, Science and Psychic Phenomena-The Fall of the House of Skeptics" which has just been republished by Inner Tradions publishing (and features a foreward by noted biochemist and paranormal advocate, Rupert Sheldrake).Working from his own background as an Oxford educated scholar in economics and philosophy; his own personal experiences, and the dismay he felt at the responses of skeptics in the world of science and academics toward "paranormal" phenomena;  

Carter has forged a path towards reconciling seemingly competing world views, and disarming the "rationalsim" of mainstream scientists and notable debunkers such as James Randi, the writers of Skeptical Inquirer, and Paul Kurtz' core movers and shakers of CSICOP (Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal). 

As you will hear in the interview, Carter maintains that the underlying philosophy of organized criticism against paranormal (or psi) is not based on solid scientific proofs, but on the foundations of Secular Humanism---a movement which denies any outer causation, or spiritual forces behind phenomena. It is, or course, the classic argument that dates back to the late 19th and early 20th century, as science was forced away from the mechanistic models of Newton and the enbrace of quantum mechanics and the special relativity work of Einstein and his collaborators. 

While we are now a century past the initial arguments, the rationalists, or more properly, Secular Humanists, still work to suppress the anamolous universe in favor of a stolid, mechanical, and dogmatic "flat space" that denies interaction with something larger than man. Chris Carter's superb research and approachable means of argument is a toolbox for disarming the skeptic, debunkers, and cynics.


Closing music: 
 "Science Fiction" - Cobra Dukes (provided by Music Alley from Mevio)

Chris Carter-God Plays Dice: The Science of Uncertanty


OffPlanet Radio Live-06-13-2012: Thomas P. Fusco-Behind The Cosmic Veil

Wednesday June 13, 2012 Live Show:

2 hours with Thomas P. Fusco

Download Thomas P. Fusco-Behind The Cosmic Veil (Left Click to Save)

Thomas P. Fusco is an independent researcher who has devoted nearly three decades investigating the relationship between mind, physics, spirituality, parapsychology, scientific anomalies and paranormal phenomena with the goal of uncovering the unifying cosmological framework that has eluded mankind for generations. He has been invited to speak as a guest on over 100 national and international radio programs including Coast to Coast AM.

Talking about: a new model of supernatural mechanics, which not only explains the behavior of strange phenomena like the paranormal, UFOs and psychic phenomena,remote viewing, and orbs; but also provides compelling answers to some of the fundamental problems facing physics today. This cosmological model is based in part on a lost Biblical cosmology that has been hiding in plain sight for centuries. 

Order the book, "Behind The Cosmic Veil"


OffPlanet Radio Live-06-13-2012: Thomas P. Fusco-Behind The Cosmic Veil


Real Timers: Warnings of Those Taken ...with Chris Holly

OffPlanet Radio Show Podcast-July 21, 2011-Randy Maugans with Chris Holly

Chris Holly's Paranormal World

Download Real Timers: Warnings of Those Taken ...with Chris Holly

Writer, researcher, and paranormal experiencer, Chris Holly, joined us to discuss the phenomena of "real time abductees"...people going about their daily lives when...suddenly...they are snatched by entities, many times in broad daylight. The results of interviews with these "real-timers", by Chris, provide a fascinating/disturbing view into the dark world of ET abduction and a decidedly "against-the-grain" perspective on abductions, abductees, and the continued dis/mis-information by the media and general public.

Chris is a voice for those who cannot speak of their experiences...of trauma, rejection, suffering...but who tell a story not heard and a WARNING, not to be dismissed lightly.


The article, "Warnings of Those Taken and Other Details" by Chris Holly is the "talking points" for this show.

Chris Holly: "Warnings Of Those Take and Other Assorted Details"-PDF 


"In The Air Tonight"-Phil Collins
"Easier To Run" - Linkin Park

OffPlanet Radio Show Podcast-July 8, 2011-Randy Maugans with Chris Holly