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 "The day of the absolute is over, and we're in for the strange gods once more." -David Herbert Lawrence

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Doc Vega: UFO History and the Dulce Mystery

OffPlanet Radio Live - 07-24-2013- Hour 2: Randy Maugans and Chris Holly with Doc Vega
@RealDocVega - Twitter - UFO Digest

A self-described" traveler through space and time", Doc Vega is a researcher, author, columnist, and TV/radio commentator. A decidedly independent voice, who blends political views with his work in the world of UFOs and paranormal, Doc joins us to discuss the history of UFOs, conspiracy, ETs, andhis own early fascination with the strange things in the skies overhead. 

Doc Vega: UFO History and the Dulce Mystery-Complete Show
  Hour 1 | Hour 2 - Right click to download MP3 audio

Hour 1: We discuss Roswell, the history of UFOs in the early 20th century, the emergence of the National Security State, the media suppression of UFOs and ETs, hypnotic regression, past life insights, and how the government hides its own complicity with ET collaborators.

Hour 2: A "white knuckle ride", as we discuss the dark secrets of the Archuleta Mesa in Dulce, NM; the discovery of a secret underground base; the military shock at their discovery of advanced tech---and its ET operators; genetic experiments; alien-human hybrid projects; the wars inside Dulce, the fate of wo Dulce disclosers,  Phil Schneider and Paul Benewitz; and the secret agenda behind the economic collapse and black government ops.


Doc Vega: UFO History and the Dulce Mystery


Jeff Danelek: UFOs and the Paranormal

OffPlanet Radio Live - 07-24-2013- Hour 1: Randy Maugans and Chris Holly with J. Allan (Jeff) Danelek

Author, researcher, and graphic artist, Jeff Danelek talks about his own, admittedly skeptical, views on UFOs, the Roswell incident, abductions, and various paranormal topics. Jeff recalls his own paranormal experience of seeing orbs in the sky at a Stan Romanek talk in 2008, and why he maintains a degree of doubt while still embracing the concepts of extraterrestrials and advanced craft from off world civilizations. 

Jeff Danelek: UFOs and the Paranormal Right click to download MP3 audio 

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Amazon Books Jeff Danelek is the author of the book, "The UFOs: The Great Debate"
Llewellyn Publications
(December 8, 2008)

Jeff Danalek: UFOs and the Paranormal


Connections 1947-2012

Exotica-October 4, 2010-Randy Maugans

Download: Exotica-"Connections"

A spin through the modern era of paranormal psy-ops:

What are the connections between so-called conspiracy theories, supernatural events...occult mysticism and advanced science? Events which occurred in the mid-20th century culminating in a most fascinating juncture in 1947...the formation of the Security State in the US in 1947...the Roswell incident...the NATO pact in 1949 and what has now been  made known with the release of the Kirtland document (1949) and the 1950 document, a confidential memorandum called "Flying Disks" which detailed over 100 sigthings of  objects over the Hanford AEC Plant in Washington? And of the aerial UFO encounter---in broad daylight at Robins AFB in Macon, GA in 1951?
And what about the so-called Greada Treaty, allegedly signed by Pres. Dwight D. Eisenhower during a mysterious visit to Palm Springs, CA in February 1954?  

Flash forward: it's 2010 and persistent trends point toward 2012 as an other watershed period. 2012 marks a 65 year period---a condensed "Platonic cycle" (65,000 years) and it seems "disclosure" is imminent...but NOT by the governments. Is this the time of the return of the "strange gods" of ancient legends...are "they" ready to show humankind its past...and its future? We examine current trends and look a MOST revealing book, "Transylvanian Sunrse" for some clues as what to expect. Revelation or grand deception? You need to discern---the connections.

Transylvania Sunrise - Sky Books