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Dr. Carolyn Dean on Coast To Coast: Magnesium Health Essentials

Dr. Carolyn Dean with George Noory on Magnesium, Health, and REMAG®, THE  PICO-IONIC MAGNESIUM SOLUTION  

 Dr. Carolyn Dean on Coast To Coast: Magnesium Health Essentials - Right click to download MP3 audio

The food we eat is depleted of basic nutrients, none more essential than Magnesium. 

-Magnesium is depleted by Roundup and other chemicals used in commercial farming.

-Every cell in the body takes in magnesium to promote healthy function ofmuscle and nerves

-Calcium is widely promoted by health officials, and available, but can actually DEPELTE magnesium, causing muscle cramps and spasms in a magnesiuim deficient body. 

Listen to Dr. Dean explain the benefits of magnesium and how REMAG® is the most convenient, cost effective means to combat the magnesium deficiency and the many health conditions caused by our mineral poor diets.

ORDER REMAG HEREORDER REMAG® HERE and receive the FREE E-Book, "Invisible Minerals" and learn more about the pico-ionic magnesium miracle.  $29.99/8 oz. bottle plus shipping

Also read: 

Dean Overview and Magnesium Basics

Carolyn Dean MD ND | Saturday, March 23, 2013


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