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Video: Ascension, Star Seed and Indigo Children" with Krista and Bryan DeFlores

Thanks to Gregg Prescott for the video work and for posting!

OffPlanetRadio Website

OffPlanet Radio Live-March 21, 2012-"Ascension, Star Seed and Indigo Children" with Krista and Bryan DeFlores.

Hour 1: with guest, Krista

In studio guest is Reiki practitioner, energy healer, Krista, who explains her insights into the starseed phenomena: beings who have incarnated to Earth during the last 70 years to aid in the Earth's ascension process as part of the 26,500 year cycle through the Galactic center.

Hour 2: Interview with Bryan De Fores

Bryan De Fores' Website

Meet a contactee who experienced an incredible awakening and now produces amazing artwork called "accelerators"---highly charged channeled images that aid in DNA activation, opening of energy centers, third eye, and galactic origins; his contacts with the Galactic Councils and ongoing missions to empower the star seeds presently here for the shift.

See also: How to find your starseed markings and Starseeds and Our Human Origins

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