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The video archives of past shows which are posted to YouTube, Please share these links with others.

Deep thanks to my friends, Patrice at Information Machine and  OmetaOne (Shuny) for doing the "wet work" on the videos, and for posting and hosting!

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Video: Ascension, Star Seed and Indigo Children" with Krista and Bryan DeFlores

Thanks to Gregg Prescott for the video work and for posting!

OffPlanetRadio Website

OffPlanet Radio Live-March 21, 2012-"Ascension, Star Seed and Indigo Children" with Krista and Bryan DeFlores.

Hour 1: with guest, Krista

In studio guest is Reiki practitioner, energy healer, Krista, who explains her insights into the starseed phenomena: beings who have incarnated to Earth during the last 70 years to aid in the Earth's ascension process as part of the 26,500 year cycle through the Galactic center.

Hour 2: Interview with Bryan De Fores

Bryan De Fores' Website

Meet a contactee who experienced an incredible awakening and now produces amazing artwork called "accelerators"---highly charged channeled images that aid in DNA activation, opening of energy centers, third eye, and galactic origins; his contacts with the Galactic Councils and ongoing missions to empower the star seeds presently here for the shift.

See also: How to find your starseed markings and Starseeds and Our Human Origins