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"Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold.."
-W. B. Yeats



Ken Pfeifer: World UFO Briefing

Agent D and Agent K: The Object Report and Hybrids Project

OffPlanet Radio Report: "Chemtrails, Cloaking Planes, and ? Paranormal"
with Randy Maugans and Chris Holly 


"The Grand Cardinal Cross: Rudolph Steiner
and Astrosophy"
with Kristen Ann

with Randy Maugans and Duncan O'Finioan

OffPlanet Radio Report: "DisclosureNoDisclosure"
with Randy Maugans and Chris Holly 

Mike Wooley and Debi King McMartin: 
Bigfoot Encounters in the Louisiana Bayou

Joseph A. Chiappalone: 
"UFOs and the End of the Ages"

Simran Singh



MKULtra Survivor, John Stormm: Return of the Mage
with Duncan O'Finioan & Miranda Kelly

November 29th - OffPlanet Radio Live: 

Joshua McCoy: The World of D'Jinn


Cindi Sansone-Braff: Psychic Insider


November 22nd - OffPlanet Radio Live: 
"Headshot: The Death of America---The JFK Assassination 50 Years On":

Over 4-1/2 hour SPECIAL Examining and remembering November 22, 1963

Robert Morningstar

Nick Redfern


Ev Haliford

November 15th - OffPlanet Radio Live: 

Bonnie and John Mitchell: TV Sigil Magick Mind Control

After Hours with Duncan and Miranda 

November 8th - OffPlanet Radio Live: 

Rev. Michael Carter: "Alien Scriptures"

November 1st - OffPlanet Radio Live: 

Zen Benefiel: "Tangential Realities"

 October 25th - OffPlanet Radio Live: 

Scary Stories and Wild Tales: The Paranormal Roundtable
with Richard Palmisano, Alex Rondini, and Steve Genier


October 25th - OffPlanet Radio Live: 

Brad Steiger: Unified Paranormal Field Theories

October 18th - OffPlanet Radio Live: 

Mike Clelland: The Owls of Synchronicity


October 4th - OffPlanet Radio Live: 

Ken Pfeifer, NJ MUFON/Star Team Investigator: "Sightings and Encounters"



September 25th - OffPlanet Radio Live: 

Vinny Eastwood and David Whitehead: "The Man Talk Project #3"

September 11th - OffPlanet Radio Live: 

Lon Strickler

September 11th - OffPlanet Radio Live: 

David Weatherly


September 4th - OffPlanet Radio Live: 

Alfred Lambremont Webre 

September 2 - GlobalBEM Transmissions: 

Guest: Foster Gamble

September 2 - OffPlanet Media Video: 

Guest: Courtney Brown, Farsight Institute
 Part 1: Farsight Climate Change Project | Part 2: Remote Viewing Atlantis

 August 21st - OffPlanet Radio Live: 

Guest: Billy Booth, UFO Casebook


August 14th - OffPlanet Radio Live: 

Guest: Richard Parmisano

August 7th - OffPlanet Radio Live: 

Guest: Jef Harvey


July 31st - OffPlanet Radio Live: 

Guest: Doc Vega

UFO History and the Dulce Mystery

July 24th - OffPlanet Radio Live: 

Guest: Jeff Danalek

Hour 2: Spirituality and Reincarnation

Hour 1: UFOs and the Paranormal

 July 17th - OffPlanet Radio Live: 

Hour 2- Duncan O'Finioan and Miranda Kelly: "Energy and Healing Gathering"

Hour 1- Dana Donlon: "The Thinning of the Veil"

June 5th - OffPlanet Radio Live: 

Steve Genier of Nocturnal Frequency Radio

May 29nd - OffPlanet Radio Live: 

Kate Valentine: The Radio Files

May 22nd - OffPlanet Radio Live: 

The Alien Abduction Files with Kathleen Marden and Denise Stoner

May 19th - The Healing Path with White Wolf: 

The Big Thaw: Coming Back From Major Attacks

In this detailed narrative, White Wolf reveals the details of concentrated attacks by both the old CIA handlers, and his nemesis, known as "Lilith" a/k/a Diana; plus the infiltration of his personal circle and betrayal, and the perfect storm that lasted a winter season. 

May 15th - OffPlanet Radio Live: 

Ken Pfeifer: What Goes On In The Skies

May 8th - OffPlanet Radio Live: 

Gwilda Wiyaka: The Shamanic Path

May 1st - OffPlanet Radio Live: 

Hour 2: Chris Carter: Science and the Afterlife

Hour 1: E. A. James Swagger on Peru, Ayahuasca, and Psychoacoutics

April 24th - OffPlanet Radio Live: 

Tony Topping: Paranormal Espionage

April 17th - OffPlanet Radio Live: 

Scott Alan Roberts: The Secret History of the Reptilians

April 7th - OffPlanet Radio Update: 

Chris Holly on Robert Bigelow's Bid for Space and Disclosure 

 March 27th - OffPlanet Radio Live: 

Crystal Clark and James Horak: Threat Assessment II

 March 20th - OffPlanet Radio Live: 

Micah Hanks: The UFO Singularity


Video interview with whistleblower, Fred Burks, a former high level interpreter for the U.S. State Department during the Clinton and G.W. Bush administrations. He served as translator in the Indonesian tongue for Presidents Clinton and Bush and their cabinet members until 2004 when he resigned over the extreme non-disclosure terms of his contract. We discuss UFO coverups, mind control, and the awakening process.